Community Iko Poran - Happy volunteers in a barbecueIn the Community Iko Poran page you might read testimonies of former volunteers, follow links to great articles about us, read some blogs of former volunteers, connect to our social medias and watch some videos produced and directed by our own volunteers.  Remember, we are not one of those big money organziations that count you as a number, we care about each one of our volunteers and our Community Iko Poran.

Besides helping the social development, protecting the nature or conservation of animals, you will also meet likeminded voluneers and make life-long friends.


Social Medias:

You can access our social medias at any page of our website through the links on the upper right corner.

Group of Volunteers from the Community Iko Poran smiling on the beach


Many volunteer have written about their experiences in their own personal blogs or at an old blog that we had, we list some stories below:



And you may also read some reviews of former volunteers at: