Community Iko Poran - Happy volunteers in a barbecueIn the Community Iko Poran page you find testimonials of former volunteers, follow links to great articles about us, read some blogs of former volunteers, connect to our social media and watch some videos produced and directed by our own volunteers.  Remember, we are not one of those big money organziations that count you as a number, we care about each one of our volunteers and our Community Iko Poran.

Besides helping the social development, protecting the nature or conservation of animals, you will also meet likeminded voluneers and make life-long friends.


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Group of Volunteers from the Community Iko Poran smiling on the beach


Many volunteer have written about their experiences in their own personal blogs or at an old blog that we had, we list some stories below:



And you may also read some reviews of former volunteers at:


Testimonials – Over 10 Years Promoting Volunteer Experiences Abroad

Pay it Forward

“Because of my experience – I have played football and ran a business in Cyprus, my main purpose here was to connect to the local kids and people, to teach them a lot of new things and to continue what I have started. Because volunteering once is not enough. You have to be involved for as long as it is possible.” Read More

What it’s like to be a volunteer in Rio

“From my initial inquiry about to volunteerin Rio with Iko Poran, the local Coordinator was prompt and helpful. Upon my arrival in Rio and meeting the team, I always felt that I could call on them for assistance. They gave us these great tips and tour of our local area but then basically just let us get on with things.”Read More

The experience opened my eyes and changed my mindset for the better

” Brazil is such a vast and beautiful country, yet I decided that I wanted to experience it from another side than just football, the beautiful beaches and samba rhythms. Project Agape is in a favel… Read More

Katrijn’s experience vwith child development in Rio

“The volunteering itself was absolutely amazing, we were playing ball games with the children, rope skipping, drawing, we did some painting as well and they loved it! There were around 10 to 20 children each day, I don’t know on what it depended if they were coming or not, but mostly it was school I think..”  Read More

Three weeks in Rio

“I spent 3 weeks in Rio volunteering for project Morrinho with Iko Poran last january. It was an amazing experience. The project I worked in was very interesting, and I got to know really nice locals and the way they lived in the favela (that has an amazing view of Rio by the way!)..”  Read More

Wish I was born in Brazil…

“Being able to volunteer and help out at Tijuca Forest was soo refreshing and calmly. Hearing the birds sing, the monkeys tease, and the trees sway is an experience I wish I could bring with me everyday…. especially to the corporate meeting I’m currently sitting in… lol”  Read More

I will hold the experience close to my heart forever

“My time with Iko Poran was more than enjoyable and I felt immediately welcomed as soon as I landed in Brasil. All the counselors were insightful and informational, and helped us foreigners understand …” Read More

Beautiful testimony from Paulina!

” I had the opportunity to volunteer in Brazil with Iko Poran for three weeks in August 2013. My project was located in Salgueiro, a pacified community very well known for having one of the most famous …Read More

I felt safe and secure in their company

“My experience volunteering through Iko Poran was very simple, easy, and effective. Their representatives and escorts in Rio de Janeiro were completely informative and really helped myself and the other volunteers to jump right into the local culture.”  Read More

Bella told us her experience with Iko Poran!

“In August/September 2011 it was the second time I did volunteering for Iko Poran. In 2008 it was the first time, this was very positive so I came back! My project was teaching English to a grou…Read More