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Volunteer in Uganda – Most affordable programs with IKPVA!!

Volunteer in Uganda helping to coach a soccer team of young students at school, or be a medical volunteer in Aids prevention. Affordable volunteer programs including, construction, teaching English and Environmental Protection are available at Fort Portal Town, Jinja Town and Kamuli Town. Women empowerment, a project for financing internships and volunteering on IT and computer complete the range of volunteer programs in Uganda.

Uganda Volunteer Programs at a glance:

Wide range of volunteer programs to match all skills & interests


Volunteering in Uganda – Overview

Volunteer in Uganda with IKPVA – Highly affordable programs.

Volunteer Trip to Uganda: work with Sports Coaching, Medical Health Promotion, Women Empowerment and more….

For an African adventure, check out IKPVA’s volunteer trips throughout Uganda, where you can travel to the Fort Portal Town, Jinja Town, and Kamuli Town to work in teaching, sports, medical and health promotion, construction, environment protection, or even take on special projects such as a microfinance internship or women and girls’ empowerment workshops.

Volunteer Programs starting from $250.00

A few ways you can help include coaching sports in a youth club, building and repairing houses and schools, and teaching in a local school. Volunteering in Uganda starts from $250 for one week, and includes airport pickup, orientation and city tour, housing, and much more.

Volunteer in Uganda
Cultural Dance

Uganda officially the Republic of Uganda, is a landlocked country in East Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria. Uganda stands out for its abundant wildlife with endangered gorillas and chimpanzees as well as rare birds. Remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a famous mountain gorilla sanctuary, while Murchison Falls National Park in the northwest is known for its 43m-tall waterfall and wildlife such as hippos.

English Spoken in Uganda

The official language in Uganda is English. Luganda, a central language, is widely spoken across the country, and several other languages are also spoken including Runyoro, Runyankole Rukga, and Langi. Uganda has a perfect climate, the sun is out most of the time and rain often occurs at night and during the early morning hours along with a most delightful thunderstorm and when it rains, it pours but soon the sun’s rays have dried up the earth once again.

Uganda – The Pearl of Africa!

Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is a wealth of attraction that spoils any visitor for choice and a single visit is never enough to discover the wonders it offers. Being a destination untouched by mass tourism, you can be sure experience an air of expectancy in the national parks teaming with wildlife and magic in the mountains. This makes Uganda one of the most thrilling African safari destinations!

A Safe and Fascinating Destination for International Volunteers

Elephant crossing the road in UgandaUganda is now a safe destination for volunteers who intend to combine their volunteer work with the unique experience and  amazing beauty that the country offers. Fortuantely, the country has overcome its past, where corrupt leaders had been drowning the country in tourmoil. Uganda now has become one of the politically stable countries in Africa, but there are still many challenges to face.

Sustainable Tourism and Economic Growth – a Thriving Country

The country has seen development in trade and commerce and Sustainable Tourism has become a priority as the country views it as tool for development from the grass root levels much effort is on Eco-tourism and sustainable tourism. Come Volunteer in Uganda with us!


Volunteer programs in Uganda

Teaching Volunteer Program in Uganda

Volunteer teaching English in Uganda for young students at school. Since education in Uganda is considered a privilege, the young boys and girls will greatly benefit from you teaching native English to them. Though tuition is free (for up to four children and all orphans), families are sometimes unable to afford other fees or expenses, such as for equipment and books. While quality education for both boys and girls is crucial in reducing poverty and promoting gender equality, many schools in rural areas are struggling with overcrowded classes, shortage of skilled teachers, shortage of resources such as text books and support materials; hence increasing illiteracy rates and unemployment among children of poorest families and communities.Uganda 1

Teaching is an immense privilege, inspiring young minds and seeing them grow can be one of the most exciting things a person can ever do and IKPVA –Uganda has a great range of volunteering projects where you can develop your experience and use your skills to help children in Uganda.

Volunteers in this field work alongside local teachers or on their own; at preschool, they teach basic English skills, and carry out basic childcare duties; at primary and secondary, they teach core subjects, such as English, mathematics, science, and can initiate extra-curricular activities after school such as art, music, theatre, sports or gardening; they may also carryout small and manageable community groups or individual tutoring outside class for adults. Participants in our Volunteer in Uganda programs should not count on teaching resources being available and many classes may have large numbers but it is a challenge that is highly rewarding. Please note, volunteers do not need to be a qualified or experienced teacher to participate on the Teaching project.


Uganda Medical Volunteering: Health Promotion

Volunteer in Uganda in our health programs. Life in Ugandan community is no different to other regions of Africa and poverty still has a large impact on the quality of life the Ugandan people are able to enjoy. One of the largest problems Ugandan communities face through is a lack of medical knowledge, supplies and education. The Iko Poran – Uganda Medical Volunteer Placement encompasses a number of fields and medical professionals and students are sorely needed. Our priority health program areas include HIV/AIDS, adolescent sexual reproductive health, and community health (mitigation of malaria and other diseases), building the capacity of rural communities in their efforts/initiatives towards improvement of sanitaMedical Volunteer in Ugandation and hygiene among others. This project aims to increase healthcare for rural people, decrease the prevalence of endemic diseases and improve village health by providing public health projects and promoting health education.

The volunteer’s duties will vary depending largely on their background and skill. Volunteer work on this project includes assisting with the running of a local health clinic where they will be involved with helping treating of Malaria, Tuberculosis and Syphilis, which are the most common health ailment in Uganda. Please note: volunteers need to have a certification or proof of experience in a medical field, such as a medical student ID, EMT or paramedic certification, or nursing or physician’s credentials to participate in this Project.


HIV-AIDS Prevention Program in Uganda

Volunteer in Uganda in our health awareness projects. Uganda is at the heart of the sub-Saharan HIV/AIDS pandemic. An estimated 25.4 million people are living with HIV and approximately 3.1 million new infections occurred in 2004. In 2004, an estimated 2.3 million people lost their lives to the disease. Uganda is home to more than 1 million AIDS orphans. Widowed mothers and elderly widowed grandmothers are the predominant heads of households.

Volunteer in Uganda with Aids PreventionHIV/AIDS results in a progressive depletion of the immune system leading to immune deficiency. The weakened immune system is vulnerable to secondary diseases. Access to medical care is non-existent for many Ugandans where almost half the population lives in absolute poverty.

Most rural areas are severely lacking in services and HIV/AIDS awareness. Nearly every family in the rural villages has had someone who is sick or has died from AIDS. Hence education continues as a primary weapon in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Awareness programs are provided at the community level, to schools and institutions, and at the personal level with individual counselling and home visits. Music and dramas focussing on people living with HIV/AIDS and educational films greatly help to educate the local population.

This Program is divided under the following categories and volunteers are free to participate in all areas as they wish: HIV /AIDS Education and Awareness; HIV/AIDS Counselling Training (TOT); Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT). Please note: volunteers need to have a certification or proof of experience in a medical field, such as a medical student ID, EMT or paramedic certification, or nursing or physician’s credentials to participate in this Project.

Volunteer in Uganda on Biodiversity and Environmental Protection

Volunteer in Uganda helping to save and protect our environment. Uganda depends heavily on environment and natural resources. However, the country is struggling with environmental problems that put the economic, environmental and social development at risk. Iko Poran – Uganda’s environmental protection projects offer participants with both valuable life-changing experience and an opportunity to make a difference.Volunteer in Uganda on the environment protection program

Participants in our Volunteer in Uganda program do hands-on work and have a direct impact on the preservation of the environment in the host communities. Volunteers may help to integrate environmental curriculum in schools; promote sustainable utilization of natural resources— proper sanitation practices and alternative energy practices; promote environmental awareness activities— wastewater management, recycling, environmental youth clubs and park management; as well as promoting environmental approaches— sustainable agriculture, fuel efficient stoves and various agri-business strategies.

The program provides international participants with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in agro-forestry, tree planting and reforestation, with focus on the Western Uganda Highlands. The program brings together international volunteers on a regular basis to construct nurseries both with schools and communities, transplanting trees to degraded forest sites and train communities on agro-forestry techniques. You may participate in the activities according to the season. Please note, participants in our volunteer in Uganda environment program do not need to be a qualified or experienced to participate on these projects, however volunteers with special expertise are highly preferred.


Volunteer in Uganda on Construction and Renovation

Volunteer in Uganda in our construction and renovation projects. Despite its abundance of natural resources, Uganda still remains one of least developed countries. Because of the extensive political and social corruption, Uganda struggles with the lowest indicators of socio-economic development, and extreme poverty. The most affected population is the majority Ugandans who live in rural areas with poor infrastructures. Often roads, schools and health centres are extremely poor, with no clean water and poor sanitation.

Video: Ratner family dancing with children after building a water fountain and teaching in the school.

Volunteer in Uganda on ConstructionThere’s urgent need of volunteers to boost the basic facilities and infrastructure for the people in poverty stricken communities. Projects vary from constructing and repairing houses, schools, care and health centres, toilets, and clean water sources for deprived local people; to learning traditional building techniques as well as initiating new appropriate and environmental friendly building skills. Iko Poran Uganda’s construction projects offer participants with both valuable life-changing experience and an opportunity to make a difference.

Volunteers in this field work in manual labour jobs alongside skilled and unskilled local builders to help with the construction work. The buildings are made using traditional methods and locally sourced materials. The construction techniques are also simple to master and are ideal for sites with limited facilities. No electricity is available at the site everything is done manually! Participants’ task can include digging foundations, mixing cement, building walls, constructing a roof either with grass or iron sheets/tiles, plastering, painting and white-washing, landscaping, digging of trenches, refurbishing sports fields, brick laying, and construction of local huts. Please note: volunteers do not need to be qualified or experienced to participate in these projects, however volunteers with special expertise are highly preferred.


Uganda Sports Coaching Volunteer Program

Volunteer in Uganda in our football projects. Sports have the powerful ability to draw people together, even beyond international borders, help to build strong communities, and contribute to the creation of healthier, happier individuals. Sports also can offer a route out of poverty and a path of excitement and promise to many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

However, for children in deprived communities, opportunities to participate in creative games are rare, due to lack of resources to provide specialized sports and physical education teachers.  Iko Poran Uganda’s sports coaching projects offer participants with both valuable life-changing experience and an opportunity to make a difference.Volunteer in Uganda with Football Coaching and Sports Development

Volunteers in this field, interact daily with local students, children, young adults, and their leaders in schools, sports clubs and youth organizations; design and organize various sports activities like— track and field; conduct physical education lessons; coach local games such as volleyball, football, basketball, netball, athletics; organize sports tournaments among different schools or local clubs; bring fresh ideas and introduce new sports and games; promote healthy sports habits and serve as positive role models for young, impressionable individuals. Please note: we will give preference to volunteers who bring some special expertise, however volunteers do not need to be qualified or experienced to participate in the women empowerment project.



Special Project – IT and Computer Projects

Volunteer in Uganda in our IT program in order to open a new world to students and teachers. Like many developing economies, Uganda faces the same challenges with a poorly developed ICT infrastructure. The most specific factors constraining connectivity especially in rural areas are the largely poor communications infrastructure, limited electricity coverage, and the high capital costs involved in setting up a computer laboratory.

Giraffes in a park in UgandaMajority of public and community schools do not have access to computers. Even the few schools that have computer centres have limited computers, with un-skilled or qualified teachers. Volunteers in Uganda impart various practical computer skills to students in schools as well as their teachers, community youth, women; ranging from how to turn a computer on and off, to explaining software application and systems such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and demonstrating how to use the internet for research and communication. Please note, we will give preference to volunteers who bring some special expertise, however volunteers do not need to be qualified or experienced to participate in the women empowerment project.


Special Project – Microfinance internships Program

Volunteer in Uganda in a microfinance project with the aim to contribute towards sustainable economic development by providing local individuals, groups and communities with the proper skills training and micro-loans to grow their businesses, create new jobs and help break the cycle of poverty and hunger. Through working with volunteers we develop small business ideas, basic bookkeeping skills and conduct weekly workshops on topics related to micro-credit, computer literacy and vocation skills training. Please note: volunteers do not need to be qualified or experienced to participate on these projects, however we will give preference to volunteers with special expertise.


Special Project – Women and Girls Empowerment Projects

Volunteer in Uganda to help empower our women and girls. Women in Africa, Uganda inclusive, are an economically disadvantaged group and rural women in particular are more economically disadvantaged. Furthermore the lack of economic Volunteers doing crafts in the women empowerment program in Uganda power of the rural communities, especially among women, is a major obstacle to long-term development.

Iko Poran Uganda works with local communities in order to promote gender equality, help women overcome difficult circumstances, and empower them to reach their full potential, through five key programs: Education (literacy) — rights and life skills; Saving and micro-credit through cooperative groups; Income generative skills training — agricultural and non-agricultural products; Women’s health and maternity education; Teaching English language for young women. Please note: we will give preference to volunteers who bring some special expertise, however volunteers do not need to be qualified or experienced to participate in the women empowerment project.

Affordable Volunteering in Uganda – Program Fees

Please Note:

  • The program fee is paid directly to the host organization.
  • All of the projects incur a registration fee of US$ 199.00 on top of the program fee.
Volunteer in Uganda program fees

What does the volunteer in Uganda program fee include?

  • Airport Pickup
  • Orientation plus city tour on arrival at the project site
  • Accommodation for all projects
  • 3 meals per day
  • Support from local staff & Program supervision
  • In-country 24/7 support throughout your stay
  • In-country administration costs

There are no hidden costs. These projects are the most affordable to volunteer in Uganda.

Iko Poran is an NGO based in a developing country. We are dedicated to helping you help others, at the lowest possible price. We are interested in making volunteering abroad more accessible so that more people can help do really important work.

Participants in our Uganda programs normally find US$ 50 to be sufficient for weekly expenses in the country.

The program fee should be paid to the host country and it is due 30 days before the project start date.


Volunteer in Uganda – Project details


All projects are available in the following towns:

FORT PORTAL TOWN located in the west of the capital Kampala. It is about 300kms and it takes 4 – 5 hours drive by road. The projects take place in Kahangi village right on the border of the Kibale Forest National Park. The park just outside of Fort Portal town is famous for its large chimpanzee population.

JINJA TOWN: It sits right on the beautiful beach of Lake Victoria, about 80Km east of the capital Kampala. Jinja is one of Uganda’s largest urban centers. However, the city does not have the hustle and bustle feel of Kampala, people riding bicycles dominate the picture! The town center overlooks the lake and considered to be the source of the Nile River. In recent years tourism has provided a boost to Jinja’s economy. The peaceful laid-back atmosphere, gorgeous weather all year round, plus the variety of available adventure activities at Bujagali Falls; white water rafting, bungee jumping and kayaking have contributed to Jinja’s growing popularity as a tourist destination.

KAMULI TOWN: – located in the East of the capital Kampala. It is about 145km and it takes 3hours drive by road. And it is is approximately 72 kilometres (45 mi), north of Jinja, the largest city in the Busoga sub-region.  Kamuli is semi urban area which is the administrative and commercial centre of Kamuli district. Kamuli town center has reasonable access to running water, electricity and basic internet. The volunteer project takes place at Buphadhengo village bordering with Jinja District ( Jinja town) hence between Jinja town and Kamuli town.

Arrival Airport: Entebbe International Airport. Volunteers will travel by road, through the capital Kampala, eastwards to Jinja and northwards to Kamuli, a journey of 4-5 hours depending on traffic.


Accommodation  & Meals

The type of accommodation depends very much on the project the volunteer will be working. Generally speaking, the following categories are available: Volunteer Apartment or Volunteer Guest House sharing with other volunteers. In all of our projects we ensure that the accommodation we provide is safe, secure and comfortable.

Beautiful silhouette of Jacksons Hartebeest in Kidepo Valley National Park UgandaIn these accommodation settings, volunteers live together but in private rooms. These can be very fun places to stay when volunteers from different nationalities live together. Each volunteer in Uganda will have a room of it’s own, however although in some cases two volunteers of the same sex will have to share a room. Housing conditions are basic, but all houses have electricity and running water. As compared to normal standards of Uganda, the accommodation can be regarded as more than adequate.

A “house keeper” ist taking care of each of the volunteer Guesthouses. He is responsible for preparing all the meals for the volunteers, and the general cleanliness of the house.


Start & Duration

Projects in Uganda start on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. Volunteers should arrive on Sundays.

You can choose to volunteer from 1 to 24 weeks.



Orientation takes place the first day in Kampala. The tour takes place at the project city.


Requirements to volunteer in Uganda

You must be at least 18 years old at the start of your Volunteer in Uganda placement.

All volunteers must have adequate volunteer travel insurance and are required to provide credentials depending on the chosen program. 


Language skill required for Uganda Volunteers

Knowledge of intermediate English is a pre-requisite.



You will have a competent support and advices from the local team and project leaders. Someone will always be available in the case of any emergency. Please keep in mind that you are in a different country and should take some precautions to avoid exposing yourself to certain risks.

The local coordinators will give you all the information to have a safe and unforgettable experience.