Popular Destinations for Volunteering Abroad – Go for your Volunteer Trip Now!

Discover the most popular destinations for international volunteering. Stunning scenery, wonderful experiences and new friends await you! In accordance with the preferences of our volunteers, we have developed volunteer projects in 15 countries in South and Central America, Africa and Asia.

Thailand with a project with elephants, South Africa with projects of protection of the “Big Five” or Costa Rica with the sea turtle conservation project count in the most popular destinations – but there is much more! Start your trip by clicking on the slides below and find out what the volunteers send us, beautiful photos, comments, discoveries, unpublished stories.

Who knows, soon you will join one of the volunteer abroad projects and part for your trip?

15 Volunteer Abroad Destinations

We offer a wide range of volunteer abroad destinations and a great variety of volunteer projects in South and Central America, Africa and Asia.  Our variety of volunteer projects includes Teaching, Childcare, Child Development, Community Development, NGO Support, Construction, Environment, Animal Conservation, Sports, Arts & Design and many special projects. Find the volunteer program that perfectly matches your skills and interests.

Our operations are linked to a number of development and environmental projects around the world, with whom we develop volunteer abroad projects to cater to the specific challenges these organizations face. Simultaneously, the volunteer programs provide gratifying experiences to the foreign volunteers as they witness the positive social and/or environmental changes that their work invokes.

Combine your holidays with an unforgettable volunteer experience

Please browse through the countries below to check which projects are available in your destination of interest.
If you do not find the project you want to do where you want to go, or if we do not have projects where you want to go, please let us know.