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Iko Poran is a non-profit organization, with no political or religious affiliation. We are founded on the principles of democracy, peace, citizen’s rights, human rights, and non-discrimination on the basis of belief, race, color, age, sexual orientation or gender.

Iko Poran has as its purpose the fight against all forms of social exclusion, providing national and international volunteer placements in various areas, notably the environment, education, health, the arts, culture and science. Our programs help, directly and indirectly, provide social assistance to children and young adults, and to social groups at risk of social exclusion, promoting their citizenship and social integration.
Iko Poran operates in partnership with many Brazilian NGOs and works with them to design programs which better serve their communities.

The programs provide training for volunteers and communities, generating income and employment. We do this in a transparent and ethical manner, sharing significant revenues with our partner organizations.
The exchange of experiences is one of the main objectives of the programs, to strengthen cultural understanding and to open new horizons for volunteers and communities alike.

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Our mission

To implement development projects and international volunteer programs that make a positive impact on local organizations, promoting intercultural exchanges and strengthening a constant and growing number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Brazil.


Our vision

To make a significant contribution to society by helping all Brazilians enjoy the right to live in a fair and equal society and share a part of Brazil's social heritage.



Our members

Luis Felipe Murray
Coordinator General and Executive Secretary

Sergio Perim Junior
Vice President and Financial Director

Carlos Vinicius Daumas Rocha
Training Director
(Artistic Director at the Crescer e Viver Social Program)

Marine Helene Erica Fleury Savoret
Relationship Management Director

Priscila Tufani de Carvalho Raposo Carneiro
Marketing Director

Olivia Nassaris
Volunteer Coordinator

Connie Boeker
Coordinator for German Volunteers


Benoît Liotard
Coordinator for French Volunteers


Ingo Duarte
Seasonal Coordinator


Fiscal Board:

Márcia Florêncio de Souza
Coordinator Administrative of the Grupo Cultural Afro Reggae.

Dyonne Chaves Boy
Coordinator General of the Grupo Cultural Jongo da Serrinha

Advisory Board:

Bruno Ricardo Costa Ayres
Coordinator General of the Portal do Voluntário

Dirk Diethelm Hegmanns
Coordinator General in Brazil of the United Nations Volunteers

Heloisa Maria Martins Coelho
Executive Director of RIOVOLUNTARIO

José Pereira de Oliveira Junior
Coordinator Executive of the Grupo Cultural Afro Reggae

Otoniel José Mosaner Niccolini
Researcher at CENPEC (UNICEF - Itaú Social)

Tânia Guimarães Omena
President of the Associação Brasileira de Bacharéis em Turismo

Valéria Mônaco
Founder and Director of MNC - Management and Control, Corporative Tourism Consultants

Volunteer Members:

Donald Thomas (In memoriam)
Diolinda Xavier da Silva Prado (In memoriam)
Elzário Junior
Gina Van Dijk
Jaakko Tammela Junio