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About Us

Iko Poran volunteer abroad is a non-profit organization based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
We partner with other non-profit organizations working with volunteers. We have created an local network to offer a wide range of possibilities for volunteers to help and contribute in the most affordable way.

Iko Poran was established in 2002 as a Brazilian non-profit volunteer organization and since the very beginning is focused in causing positive results in needy social and environmental projects. The website was launched in July of 2003 and the first volunteers started to arrive in November of 2003. In 2004 we received 18 volunteers; in 2005 received 84 volunteers; in 2006 received 164 and since 2007 has been receiving an average of 300+ volunteers per year in Brazil. Iko Poran has been continuously receiving and placing volunteers in social projects in Brazil. 

Our Mission

To implement development projects and international volunteer programs that make a positive impact on local organizations, promoting intercultural exchanges and strengthening a constant and growing number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Brazil.

Our Vision

To make a significant contribution to society by helping all Brazilians enjoy the right to live in a fair and equal society and share a part of Brazil's social heritage.