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These links are to various organizations whose work is relevant to ours.

The information doesn’t necessarily reflect Iko Poran's opinions or those of its staff. The sources and the legitimacy of the organizations are verified, but we cannot confirm that the information will be applicable in your case. All experiences are unique and different and the world is constantly changing. The information should serve just as a reference for your preparation before your trip. Iko Poran cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information in the suggested sites.  Neither does it endorse any opinion or position registered by the organizations. Iko Poran does not maintain these sites and it is not responsible if you have problems to access them

If you want to suggest a link about Brazil, please contact us .

- Brazilian Embassies Abroad
- Brazilian Consulates Abroad
- Brazilian Offices and Delegations Abroad
- Foreign Representations in Brazil


Fundraising Tips


Sustainable Tourism Brazil

Brazilian Tourist Company

Rio de Janeiro Tourist Information.

Virtual Brazil
Travel, political and cultural information

Rio de Janeiro Convention Bureau.

Brazil Insight
Travel news bulletin from Brazil - Office of the Embassy of Brazil - The Netherlands

Information of any city around the world

Rio de Janeiro Subway Information

Brazil's Airports Information

Learn Portuguese
Guide (with audio) to learn Portuguese.

Starting point to know a little of the language in the country to be visited. Besides the translation of key words and expressions, you can listen to the pronunciation. In English.

How to pack the right suitcase for each trip ? In English.

Rio For Partiers
Travel Guide with good tips to enjoy Rio de Janeiro

Lonely Planet
Brazil - Travel Guide
in English - in French

British Encyclopedia
General Information about Brazil


Good tip!
Hotels in Paris

Volunteering Abroad Trends

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