Wildlife & Animal Conservation Volunteer Projects

Volunteer coordinator measures a giant turtle in an Animal Conservation ProjectOverview

The wildlife & animal conservation volunteer projects are an umbrella for everything to do with protecting the health of the incredible wildlife that is hugely vulnerable to harm by human activity.

If you love animals or is an aspiring conservationist who loves the wild and is passionate about the environment this project is perfect for you. Volunteers will have the opportunity to live in sanctuaries where they will help around in daily activities and field activities, as well as study and monitor native and endangered animals. A big part of this project is to accept that working alongside wild animals isn’t going to be like babysitting. Volunteers will get up close to the wilderness in their most natural states and will get to immerse themselves into real conservation efforts.

Opportunities in wildlife & animal conservation volunteer projects

Depending on the time of the year tasks may include, but not limited to:

  • Tracking and monitoring animalsVolunteer posing to the camera with two cheetas in one of our Animal Conservation projects
  • Breeding
  • Animals counts
  • Feeding
  • Coordinating visitors in reserves
  • Tracking collared animals
  • Accompanying guides on night patrols
  • Clearing paths
  • Hatchery duties
  • Beach cleaning
  • And others according to the season and weather


Skills for wildlife & animal conservation volunteer projects

Some projects have specific skills. Please check the description of your chosen program to check the skills required.

Lions up close on our Animal Conservation projectsFor all projects:

  • Volunteers must love animals and help to take care of them;
  • Realise the enormous responsibility of working with wild animals;
  • You will have to be open to learn new skills
  • Be prepared to get stuck in and get your hands dirty