Child Development



Many children of our Child Development project smilingIf you’re the type of person who has a genuine affection for young children and who wants to jump into a high energy, life-changing experience to help develop their skills and equip them for a bright educational future – volunteering in one of our child development projects may be just the opportunity for you.



Helping in child development is undoubtedly the most beneficial way to increase the life chances of children living in a developing country. As a volunteer you will work with poor children providing them with the essential attention, support and guidance needed for healthy development.

2 Volunteers with chidlren from our Child Development project smiling

As a part of the program, your objective is to provide children ith the care and attention needed to develop their social skills, to encourage them to develop an enthusiasm for higher education, and to teach vital skills to be competitive in the world’s developing economy.


Skills needed

Child development projects require volunteers who are dedicated and willing to give a lot of care and love. These projects generally have few resources, so you must have a lot of initiative and creativity with the facilities that are available to you.