Childcare and Orphanage

Dozen of young children looking to the camera in a Childcare and Orphanage project


The Childcare and Orphanage program is based in community centers, crèches, and schools that provide a safe and healthy place for poor parents to leave their young children while they work to make their living. Work is varied and might include play games or sports, give attention, help with meals, tutor children, changing diapers, bath or shower, help with administrative and organizational activities in the institution and others.

Working with children is great fun and extremely worthwhile. Your involvement with the program offers increased resources for the centre for renovation and expansion of facilities. You will also give valued support to the local professionals and the children in their care. The program aims to provide awareness and understanding of the local communities and provides opportunity for cultural exchange.
Volunteer in a group picture with many children in a Childcare & Orphanage project

Opportunities in the Childcare and Orphanage program

Tasks may include, but not limited to:

  • Care for the children as they learn and play;
  • Assist the childcare staffs with regular activties, such as: feed, change wipers, shower, put to sleep, play, etc;
  • School support classes;
  • Sport activities with teenagers;
  • Assist on projects either at the centers or around the local area. Past examples include renovating / redecorating classrooms, repairing playground equipment, paiting murals with the children and joining in with community events and festivals.

Skills needed in Childcare and Orphanage program

kids-love-alisha Volunteers should have a passion for young children, come in a spirit of generosity and sincerity, open themselves up to the experience, not be intimidated by the strange culture, and last but not least; they should be independent, adaptable and motivated.

To have the most rewarding experience, it is helpful to spend a little time preparing. Volunteers are encouraged to be creative and plan  additional activities such as games and songs as well as arts and crafts. Volunteers will receive a training guide with many ideas and suggestions after registering in our programs.