Childcare & Orphanage Volunteer Abroad Programs

The Childcare Orphanage volunteer program is based in orphanages, or in day care centers, crèches, and schools that provide a safe and healthy place for poor parents to leave their young children while they work to make their living.

Working as a childcare abroad volunteer is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences. Let’s put it with the words of Mariane, a Brazilian childcare volunteer in South Africa: I have no words to express my feelings … Maybe love, happiness and simplicity be them.

How to volunteer in orphanages?

Visit volunteer projects at orphanages and day care centers in several countries, and click the “Sign up now!” button. below. Then follow the steps of the application by filling out the form. We’ll get in touch with you, guiding you through the final steps to complete your volunteer application. Read below some of our volunteers’ experiences!


Isabella Neves Working with Children in South Africa: A Dream Came True

Childcare Volunteer in South Africa
Isabella in South Africa

My trip to South Africa was an old dream that was everything I expected and more, this beautiful country had my heart since day 1 and my memories with the kids in Masi make me miss them everyday, just to be there helping and bringing love to them was enough to make my whole day happy, they gave me so much more that I could ever give them and thanks Iko Poran for the support, the amazing volunteer’s house and the incredible friends I was so lucky to meet, thanks for showing me that life is better when you are helping others 🙂 – Isabella Neves

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Adriana fell in Love with Brazil

Childcare volunteer in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Adriana with the children in Rio

Working to help the children of this favela in Rio de Janeiro was undoubtedly an indescribable experience that changed my way of seeing things and life forever. It saddens me to think that I will not see these children again, at least in a long time, but I am happy for everything that has taken me. Now it’s time to close a stage in Rio, but it’s not the time to leave. Soon I will open a new stage in Brazil full of new experiences, people and places to know. I’ve fallen madly in love with this country. – Adriana Puiggros

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The best experiences of my life – Mariane in South Africa

Mariane - Best Experiences of my Life
Mariane in South Africa

On November of 2017 I had one of the best experiences of my life doing volunteer work with children in Masiphumelele Township, South Africa. The purpose was to help, but it was much beyond that. I had a life lesson, a very great personal growth. Everyday in the morning, when we arrived at crèche (me and the other volunteers), the children were waiting for us with a smile on their faces. Receiving those smiles, hugs, and kisses every morning was the best way to start the day. Playing, teaching a few words in English, helping in the distribution of snacks, it was a better way to brighten their lives because they need more love, affection and care. They need us!
I am very thankful to Iko Poran for the whole experience. They were always there from airport pick-up to accommodation, showing me the way and placing me at the project. It was unique experience without a doubt! My thanks to everybody who is part of this organization that has been helping all who need it. – Mariane, Brazil

Best Experience of my Life! – Samanha in Kenya

Samantha - childcare volunteer in Kenya
Samantha in Kenya

I was in Mombassa for around 4 months and I was nineteen years old. I didn’t know what to study yet or what to do with my life I had just finished high school. Just being there with the people was a life changing experience, I had the best time in Cannan Orphanage, the kids are the most beautiful kids I´ve ever seen, teaching them and playing with them was so fulfilling.

Also the country is beautiful, in the weekends I would book tours and excursions around Mombassa and see everything Kenya has to offer. At the end I left like a different person, it was by far the best 4 months of my life. Because of that experience I decided to go into Clinical Nutrition in university and do more volunteering like this in the future. – Samantha, Mexico City

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Volunteer work at an orphanage in Tanzania

Nadir Volunteer Work at an orphanage in Tanzania
Nadir with the children

Thank you so much because I was able to learn, teach, support to teacher, play with children and help a little in the daily routine.
I only have positive points about the program: the whole organization, support with informations, suggestions, safety recommendations and many other things.
I also consider very important to comment the acommodation: localization, home, amenities, food and the care of people who work at the home.
At the end, I have to say thank you for the touristic informations and programs that I could did.
Thank you so much for this magic experience in my life. – Nadir, Brazil

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Albane about her volunteer experience at a day care in Cambodia

Albane volunteering at a day care in Camdodia
Albane in Cambodia

I took care of a class of 7 children (5-6 years old) from 9:00 a.m to 4 p.m, from Monday to Friday. Sometimes I picked them up in their shanty towns at 8 a.m with the staff. It was very hard and sad to see where they live and in such poor conditions, but it was part of the experience and I simply loved their face, their excitation when the association bus (that we used to pick them up at Home) arrived in front of their living place ( we can’t call it “a house”).

When they arrive at the Day Care Center around 9 a.m, they sing and pray with a Kmer teacher. This was so cute to see them so happy to be there and to take pleasure to sing and pray (even if they lost sometimes their concentration rapidly when they saw the volunteers next to them and they guessed that they will play games after ahah).
After that, it was “shower time” for all children. So we had to make them take a shower, put soap on their body, shampoo on their haïr, and dress them up with the association “uniform” (too cute). – Albane, Franca

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Nepal: “Working every day at the orphanage was amazing”

Joe Bartley childcare volunteer in Nepal
Joe and Vivian at the orphanage

I can’t thank the organization enough for the experience they gave me. In my three month programme there has not been a day where I didn’t feel part of a family and looked after as if I as grown up with them. They was always prepared to help me with any problems or queries.

They have cooked food every night tasted incredible and the family very quickly made me feel at home and looked after. This is a feeling I will never forget. Working every day at the orphanage was amazing. The children made sure they would keep me on my toes and keep me fit. They are such wonderful kids and even though I was there to help and teach them. What I received back in return is more than I could ever imagined. I was their older brother and that’s something I’m very proud to be able to say.  – Joe Bartley, UK

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Dozen of young children looking to the camera in a Childcare Orphanage project

Overview of the Childcare Abroad Volunteer Program

Volunteer work is varied and might include play games or sports, give attention, help with meals, tutor children, changing diapers, bath or shower, help with administrative and organizational activities in the institution and others.

Working with children is great fun and extremely worthwhile. Your involvement with the program offers increased resources for the centre for renovation and expansion of facilities.
You will also give valued support to the local professionals and the children in their care. The program aims to provide awareness and understanding of the local communities and provides opportunity for cultural exchange.


Childcare Volunteer Destinations

Volunteer in a group picture with many children in a Childcare Orphanage project

Opportunities in the Childcare Orphanage volunteer program

Tasks may include, but not limited to:

  • Care for the children as they learn and play;
  • Assist the childcare staffs with regular activities, such as: feed, change wipers, shower, put to sleep, play, etc;
  • School support classes;
  • Sport activities with teenagers;
  • Assist on projects either at the centers or around the local area. Past examples include renovating / redecorating classrooms, repairing playground equipment, paiting murals with the children and joining in with community events and festivals.

Skills needed in Childcare Orphanage program

kids-love-alisha Volunteers should have a passion for young children, come in a spirit of generosity and sincerity, open themselves up to the experience, not be intimidated by the strange culture, and last but not least; they should be independent, adaptable and motivated.

To have the most rewarding experience, it is helpful to spend a little time preparing. Volunteers are encouraged to be creative and plan  additional activities such as games and songs as well as arts and crafts.
Volunteers will receive a training guide with many ideas and suggestions after registering in our programs.