Community Development

Ladies and youth from a poor community smile to the camera in a Community Development project


Our local partners are small and mid-sized non-profits (NGOs).

Volunteers in the Community Development project have the opportunity to work with many different activities. They should be open to work together with locals in community centers providing assistance with day-to-day tasks to help these local organizations carry out programs that increase the quality of life and broaden the development within their communities.


Opportunities in community developmentVolunteer paints a mural in a community development project

The range of work can include, but not limited to: promoting health and sanitation awareness, teaching English, playing sports, management and administrative tasks, marketing & fundraising, painting & renovation, community garden & environmental campaigns, arts programs, help to spread the word about local initiatives, recreational and extracurricular workshops, organizing events and assist in any other activity developed by the local community.


Skills needed in community development

Children with the hands dirty after diging the garden

Creative, capable, committed, flexible and motivated volunteers are welcomed at this project and can offer great value to help them become stronger, developing the sustainability and increasing the impact of the community’s initiatives.