Volunteer on Sports Development and Football Coaching in 8 Countries!

The Sports volunteer program offers you the possibility to train, compete, or just play around with unprivileged children enjoying one of the World’s favorite entertainments of all times.



Kids playing football in one of our Sports Development projects

Volunteering on Sports Development – Overview

At just about every corner in the World you will find the locals playing sports, but now you can be a part of the team as a volunteer in one of our sports development programs. Athletics have become vital for World’s lowest income communities, as they provide children and adolescents with recreational outlets in neighborhoods that offer young people very few options for entertainment.

Volunteers have the chance to partake in projects that are developed and operated by local organizations and their respective community councils. 

Opportunities for Volunteers

Sports have becoVolunteer with children posing to the camera in a Sports Development projectme an essential part of poor neighborhood’s life, especially for children and adolescents. Because there are so few entertainment options for youth in low-income communities, kids unfortunately get caught up in illegal activity to pass the time. That’s why sports development has become a vital outlet for children, because it provides them with friendly competition in a safe and fun environment. And the best part is: these programs are almost always powered by volunteers.

Share your skills and have fun with children who really need your help

See how much difference you can make to the lives of some of poor children.

Live in beautiful places, such as Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Arusha, Buenos Aires or Mombasa and experience everything they have to offer from a local point of view. 

Skills needed for sports education and coaching

Volunteer warms up with youngstares on the beach on a surf Sports Development project


By no means do you have to be a star to participate in our programs, but a little of talent goes a long way! Our projects include a variety of programs such as football (soccer), surf, capoeira, rugby, basketball, volleyball, tennis, juggling, acrobatics, and many others, Check the ones that are offered at your chosen destination.




Football Coaching in Tanzania: train young boys and girls at school

Volunteer in Tanzania in our football project. The sports project offers sport activities (mainly football) to 400 children (boys and girls) from several football schools. The idea is to keep them away from the danger through sports and to develop the female football.As a sports volunteer, you’ll work alongside the coaches of the football team to help facilitate daily practices. Additionally, the team will play matches on the weekends, where you will assist the coach. Volunteers do not need to be professionals in sports, but rather have a passion and excitement for this program.