Aaron’s environmental project!

My urban forestry volunteer crew from Los Angeles hosted a tree planting event with Verdejar. A group of mostly kids from the surrounding community came and helped us plant trees and seeds and afterwards we fed them hamburgers and ice cream.

  • Aaron Planting Trees
    Aaron Planting Trees

Environmental Project: Planting trees in Rio de Janeiro

It was a great success and the end of our project with Verdejar. Thank you and all of the Iko Poran staff for your support on this project. We were able to accomplish our goal of planting trees, educating young people about the importance of taking care of the environment, and bringing some much needed resources to Verdejar who are doing all they can to save valuable natural space in their city. We stand in solidarity with them and their mission.

Aaron Thomas, Los Angeles


Want to participate in the environmental project in Rio de Janeiro?

Visit the reforestation project at the Tijuca Rainforest in Rio de Janeiro. Find out more about volunteering in Brazil

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