Who we are

  Iko Poran volunteer abroad is a non-profit organization based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We partner with other non-profit organizations working with volunteers in other developing countries. We have created an international network to offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities all over the world to help and contribute in the most affordable way.   Iko Poran was established in 2002 as a Brazilian non-profit volunteer organization and since the very beginning is focused in causing positive results in needy social and environmental projects. The website was launched in July of 2003 and the first volunteers started to arrive in November of 2003. In 2004 we received 18 volunteers; in 2005 received 84 volunteers; in 2006 received 164 and since 2007 has been receiving an average of 300+ volunteers per year in Brazil. Iko Poran has been continuously receiving and placing volunteers in social projects in Brazil.   In 2007 the Brazilian Ministry of Justice recognized Iko Poran as a Public Interest Organization and this title has been renewed year after year since then * (click)   Early 2013 Iko Poran started to establish partnerships in other countries with volunteer coordinators that the founder met during his 12 years experience. Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad was launched in 2015 promoting international volunteer programs with one of the world’s most affordable registration fees, as well as the only volunteer abroad organization based in a destination country that also runs high quality volunteer programs that speak from the heart.

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  The main goal is to make international volunteerism very affordable giving the opportunity for even more volunteers with great intentions to travel and help strengthen social projects all over the world.     We want to create a difference!   Main differentiator to most of the companies operating in the volunteering field:  

  • We believe that volunteerism should not be expensive for the ones with good hearts that want to lend a hand.


  • We are the only international volunteer organization based in a developing country that also runs its own developing projects. Most of other providers are mainly profit-oriented traveling companies based in First World nations.


  • We are not targeting of generating any surplus revenues. All money charged is used to further achieve our mission and contribute to our local programs.


  • As we directly interact with local organizations in the respective countries we keep the administrational effort at the minimum and do not need to charge a handling fee.


  • Volunteers pay their program fee directly to the local organization. No intermediary, no extra fees, no playing with their money.



    Iko Poran is a non-profit organization with no political or religious affiliation. We are founded on the principles of democracy, peace, citizen’s rights, human rights, and non-discrimination on the basis of belief, race, color, age, sexual orientation or gender.   Iko Poran has as its purpose the fight against all forms of social exclusion, providing national and international volunteer placements in various areas, notably environment, education, health, arts, sports, culture and science. Our programs provide social assistance to children and young adults, and to social groups at risk of social exclusion, promoting their citizenship and social integration.   We want to strengthen cultural understanding and to open new horizons for volunteers and communities alike. Our projects are also intended to help training the involved communities to generating income and employment.   Iko Poran works in a transparent and ethical manner. Iko Poran operates in partnership with many other local organizations and works with them to design rewarding, safe and meaningful volunteer programs to better serve their communities.   We share significant revenues with our partner organizations to further develop our programs.

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My name is Luis Felipe Murray (Felipe); Brazilian, married and father of two little girls.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and always did volunteer work since I was 13 years old. First in philanthropic fairs in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and later, after graduating in Performing Arts, in favelas of Rio de Janeiro where I taught acting workshops and English.   From 1999 to 2001 I did a Masters in Executive Marketing and specialized in the social area. Then I started to teach Social Marketing courses in Universities of Rio de Janeiro.   In 2002 I was teaching courses in Universities of Rio de Janeiro and joined some third sector forums over the Internet. In one of these forums, I saw an advert of an international volunteer program which fee was approximately US$ 2,500 for only two weeks. I was very impressed with the expensive price and ran a big market research that really surprised me when I noticed that all the international volunteer organizations were travel agencies based in developed countries charging volunteers a hugely expensive program or registration fee to organize their programs.   Then, together with other participants of these forums, I decided to start a local non-profit organization to make international volunteering in Brazil more affordable and help foreigners to share their skills while experiencing Brazil from a local perspective. Iko Poran was founded in December of 2002, the website was launched in July of 2003 and received the first two volunteers in November/ December of 2003.   We gained a lot of experience during the 11 first years and met many volunteer organizations and community groups from other countries while participating in international volunteer summits and seminars.   Then in 2014, following our Mission to strengthen local communities while promoting intercultural exchanges and strengthening a constant and growing number of partner organizations, we expanded our activities to other countries and partnered with community groups to launch Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad with the aim of making international volunteerism very affordable, safe, rewarding and effective. Our country coordinators are also locals that run their own development projects founded from their hearts. As an Iko Poran volunteer, you will be accepted and treated with extreme kindness by the local community and will have an unforgettable experience.   We are very happy to receive and support so many wonderful people with good intentions that travel abroad to help others. We care about your safety, the effectiveness of the program and the value of your money.   Join us in which is meant to be the time of your life!