Antonia Bazzolo: Teaching in Kathmandu

I spend a month teaching in Kathmandu Nepal.

It is an amazing experience in a school, especially if you want to put your teaching skills on the line.

And I have learned not only that I love what I do, but also gained confidence and good experience.

You also get to understand a different culture and meet amazing people! – Antonia Bozzolo, Las Condes

  • Antonia Bozzolo Teaching in Kathmandu
    Antonia Bozzolo Teaching in Kathmandu

Volunteer teaching in Kathmandu, Nepal

This is a great opportunity for volunteers who want to gain teaching experience while improving learning environments in rural areas of Nepal.

Your presence will open hearts and minds to life outside of a small village where ideas of life beyond their small corner of the world are seldom generated.

Teaching the students and inspiring the teachers with new methods will leave your legacy in the world.

Learn more about teaching in Kathmandu, Nepal! 

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