The Arts Program in Rio: A perfect fit for Karina Takhar

Karina Takhar from Coventry participated in the arts program in Rio and gave a workshop in photography. She fell in love with the warmth of the people in Rio, and had an amazing experience with her arts students!

Karina Takhar Arts Volunteering in Rio
Karina Takhar Arts Volunteering in Rio

I had for many years thought about volunteering abroad, but never got the courage to actually go ahead and do it .. that was until life was coming with responsibilities, my 27th birthday had hit and I realised I needed to do it. I got searching for different types of volunteering projects and then set my mind on volunteering in Brazil.

The Arts Program in Rio seemed like a perfect fit for me

I came across Iko poran and read the great work and different projects they ran in Rio de Janeiro – The arts program seemed like a perfect fit for me with my skills and work experience in the arts field.

Feeling at Home in Rio de Janeiro

The whole project was amazing from start to finish, from the accommodation, the great support that Felipe Iko poran’s coordinator was and the project itself. I loved every minute of my voluntary work at the Spectaculu college, the teachers, administrator and all of the students were absolutely amazing, they made me feel so welcome, they had such a passion to learn and the work they produced was outstanding!

The Warmth of everyone at the Arts Program in Rio

Spectaculu - Arts School in Rio
Spectaculu – Arts School

One of the biggest things I cherished about being at this project was the warmth of everyone, there was never a time that I was left alone, everyone got me involved and they had lots of questions for me, when I gave a workshop on photography and portfolios I could feel the acute awareness of them wanting to know how to progress and do things to the best standards … Everyone at the project would include me in every aspect of their day and the break out times the students were keen to learn about life in England and learn English :). Even the cleaner and the cook would make sure I was ok everyday giving me a hug and making sure I had eaten .. I have never felt so welcome in my life and I appreciated that so much.

I would recommend anyone who wants to volunteer to definitely work through Iko plan and anyone who has a passion for creative arts, photography and marketing to definitely give this programme a try, it was by fat the best experience of my life!

Thank you so much to everyone at Spectaculu and to Felipe at Iko poran. – Karina Takhar – Coventry 

How can I participate in the Arts Program in Rio?

If you feel like sharing your creativity and passion for arts, go for a trip to Rio de Janeiro work as an arts & design volunteer. Since the “Cidade Maravilhosa” has already inspired many artists and musicians, you may find young talents and help them grow. During your stay you will work with children and adolescents of Rio’s Favelas, developing their artistic talents. There are plenty of creative talents to develop, be it painting, sculpting, dancing or singing! You may even paint the walls of a school or orphanage, having fun with the children.

Visit the Arts Volunteering program in Rio de Janeiro and how to sign up. There are even more international arts volunteering programs available, like a photography workshop or teaching music with students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. or African Dance, in Tanzania.

On our home page, you’ll find a complete overview about volunteering overseas.

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