Best Experience with a Fascinating Volunteer Project in Ethiopia

For me as a 14 years old high school kid, it was certainly one of the best experience in my life. The staff members at hostel are very committed in helping the students. In my opinion, the students are in a very good environment to study and achieve their careers considering the amount of money the community have. This 2 weeks have been such a pleasure as it reminded me of my selfishness (of that’s a word) because I was used to waste water and time. The students in the hostel weren’t fortunate enough to receive the same education which I had. However, their effort and interest in learning really surprised me. On the other hand a lot of my friends (including me) have so much better education but still never takes the opportunity.
I think the hostel is just a wonderful opportunity for the students to success in life. The EEF Community provides so much opportunity to students. Furthermore, unlike other older volunteers, everyone was older than me so just from that, I could learn more about just general life. A lot of students had a clear path to their career and in comparison, a lot of people in my school never even thinks about it.
Honestly, these 2 weeks will not be forgettable as it made me grow up so much more. I think everyone on the world should be inspired by the students of EEF Community. I want to stay in contact with all students and truly wish the best of best of the best of the best luck to every students in their bright careers!😁 I thank everyone for this amazing opportunity!! – Sangweon, 14 years

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?

This experience is speechless (I am not trying to advertise it 😂). But it really is. You will get to know the truth of the world. And I am not talking about those poor looking African kids in TVs. Some are better and some are worse. I would say it is different. I am only 14 and my family (except my mum) stayed over for around 10 days. It would be a little challenging for women because it really is a hard environment. But that is really why you would decide to come.

Engage as a Volunteer College Teacher in Ethiopia

You can have a wonderful volunteer experience teaching English in Ethiopia. At the college in Addis Ababa, there are more fascinating volunteer experiences waiting for you, for instance the gardening project, or an art & photography workshop with the students at the hostel.

Volunteer Reviews in Ethiopia

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