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Volunteer Work in Uganda – Overview

For an African adventure, check out the volunteer programs in Uganda, where you can travel to the Fort Portal Town, Jinja Town, and Kamuli Town.

We offer many rewarding projects to volunteer in Uganda:

If you love to work as a volunteer teacher, you can choose whether to teach English at school or coach football and sports for boys and girls. For the students at school and even adults, you can even help to provide IT literacy as a volunteer.

Moreover, for medical students, we offer a medical internship in order to provide healthcare for the population, or a project specializing in AIDS Prevention.

You can also contribute to women’s rights as a volunteer on woman empowerment.

For the developing country is also important to foster small businesses and startups, where you can help as a microfinance volunteer.

Furthermore, the construction volunteer project can help to provide basic needs of the population, such as a water well.

Finally, you can help to preserve Uganda’s biodiversity as an environmental volunteer.

Uganda officially the Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria.

The country stands out for its abundant wildlife with endangered gorillas and chimpanzees as well as rare birds.

In your free time when you volunteer in Uganda, you may visit the Remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is a famous mountain gorilla sanctuary.

Another highlight is the Murchison Falls National Park in the northwest, famous for its 43m-tall waterfall and wildlife such as hippos.


English Spoken in Uganda

The official language is English, which will make life for you as a volunteer in Uganda much easier. However, Luganda, a central language, is widely spoken across the country, and several other languages are also spoken including Runyoro, Runyankole Rukga, and Langi.

You will enjoy your stay as a volunteer in Uganda because it also has a perfect climate. The sun is out most of the time and rain often occurs at night and during the early morning hours. Along with the rain comes a most delightful thunderstorm. When it rains, it pours down, but soon the sun’s rays come through and dry up the earth once again.


Volunteering Experience in Uganda – The Pearl of Africa!

Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is a wealth of attraction that spoils any visitor for choice and a single visit is never enough to discover the wonders it offers.

Being a destination untouched by mass tourism, you can be sure to experience an air of expectancy in the national parks teeming with wildlife and magic in the mountains. This makes Uganda one of the most thrilling African safari destinations!

Elephant crossing the road in Uganda

Volunteer in Uganda: A Safe and Fascinating Destination for International Volunteers

Uganda is now a safe destination for volunteers who intend to combine their volunteer work with the unique experience and amazing beauty that the country offers.

Fortunately, the country has overcome its past, where corrupt leaders had been drowning the country in turmoil.

Uganda now has become one of the politically stable countries in Africa, but there are still many challenges to face.


Sustainable Tourism and Economic Growth – a Thriving Country

The country has seen development in trade and commerce. And Sustainable Tourism has become a priority as it is viewed as a tool for development from the grass root levels. Nowadays, much effort is on Eco-tourism and sustainable tourism.


Volunteer Programs in Uganda: Wide Variety of Opportunities

Volunteers have the opportunity to choose from our nine very cheap volunteer programs in Uganda, such as  Construction Volunteer ProgramFootball CoachingTeaching EnglishEnvironmental and Biodiversity volunteeringAIDS PreventionHealth Promotion, IT and ComputerMicrofinance internshipsWomen and Girls Empowerment


Join our cheap volunteer programs in Uganda for the experience of your lifetime!


Most Affordable Program Fees to Volunteer in Uganda

Please Note:

  • The program fee is paid directly to the host organization.
  • All of the programs incur a registration fee of U$ 149 on top of the program fee.
Uganda Fees

What does the volunteer in Uganda program fee include?

  • Airport Pickup
  • Orientation plus city tour on arrival at the project site
  • Accommodation for all projects
  • 3 meals per day
  • Support from local staff & Program supervision
  • In-country 24/7 support throughout your stay as a volunteer in Uganda
  • In-country administration costs

There are no hidden costs. These projects are the most affordable programs to volunteer in Uganda.

ko Poran is an NGO based in a developing country. We are dedicated to helping you help others, at the cheapest possible prices. One of our goals is to offer cheap volunteer programs in Uganda so that more people can help to do really important work.

Participants in our cheap volunteer programs in Brazil normally find US$ 50 to be sufficient for weekly expenses in the country.

The program fee should be paid to the host country and it is due 30 days before the project start date.


Volunteer in Uganda – Project details

Location: All projects are available in the following towns:


Fort Portal Town

FORT PORTAL TOWN located in the west of the capital Kampala. It is about 300kms and it takes 4 – 5 hours drive by road.

Projects take place in Kahangi village right on the border of the Kibale Forest National Park. The park just outside of Fort Portal town is famous for its large chimpanzee population.


Jinja Town

JINJA TOWN sits right on the beautiful beach of Lake Victoria, about 80Km east of the capital Kampala.

The town is one of Uganda’s largest urban centers. However, the city does not have the hustle and bustle feel of Kampala, people riding bicycles dominate the picture!

The town center overlooks the lake and considered to be the source of the Nile River.

In recent years tourism has provided a boost to the town’s economy.

The peaceful laid-back atmosphere, gorgeous weather all year round, plus the variety of available adventure activities at Bujagali Falls; white water rafting, bungee jumping and kayaking have contributed to Jinja’s growing popularity as a tourist destination.


Kamuli Town

KAMILU TOWN is located in the East of the capital Kampala. It is about 145km and it takes 3 hours drive by road. And it is approximately 72 kilometers (45 mi), north of Jinja, the largest city in the Busoga sub-region.

Kamuli is a semi-urban area which is the administrative and commercial center of Kamuli district.

The city center has reasonable access to running water, electricity and basic internet. The project here takes place at Buphadhengo village bordering with Jinja District ( Jinja town) hence between Jinja town and Kamuli town.



Arrival Airport: Entebbe International Airport. Volunteers will travel by road, through the capital Kampala, eastwards to Jinja and northwards to Kamuli, a journey of 4-5 hours depending on traffic.


Accommodation  & Meals

The type of accommodation depends very much on the project you will be working as a volunteer in Uganda.

Generally speaking, the following categories are available: Volunteer Apartment or Volunteer Guest House sharing with other volunteers.

In all of our projects, we ensure that the accommodation we provide is safe, secure and comfortable.


A Private Room for you as a volunteer in Uganda

Beautiful silhouette of Jacksons Hartebeest in Kidepo Valley National Park UgandaIn these accommodation settings, volunteers live together but in private rooms. These can be very fun places to stay when volunteers from different nationalities live together.

Each volunteer in Uganda will have a room of its own, however, although in some cases two volunteers of the same sex will have to share a room.

Housing conditions are basic, but all houses have electricity and running water. As compared to normal standards of Uganda, the accommodation can be regarded as more than adequate.

A “housekeeper” is taking care of each of the volunteer Guesthouses. S/He is responsible for preparing all the meals for the volunteers, and the general cleanliness of the house.


Start & Duration

Projects in Uganda start on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. Volunteers should arrive on Sundays.

You can choose to volunteer in Uganda from 1 to 24 weeks.



Orientation takes place the first day in Kampala. The tour takes place at the project site.


Requirements to volunteer in Uganda

You must be at least 18 years old at the start of your placement.

All volunteers must have adequate volunteer travel insurance. Moreover, as a volunteer in Uganda, you are required to provide credentials depending on the chosen program. 


Language skill required for Uganda Volunteers

Knowledge of intermediate English is a pre-requisite.



During your stay, you will have a competent support and advice from the local team and project leaders.

Someone will always be available in the case of an emergency.

Please keep in mind that you are in a different country and should take some precautions to avoid exposing yourself to certain risks.

The local coordinators will give you all the information to have a safe and unforgettable experience as a volunteer in Uganda.



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