The best experiences of my life! – Volunteer Work with Children in South Africa

Mariana - Best Experiences of my LifeOn November of 2017 I had one of the best experiences of my life doing volunteer work with children in Masiphumelele Township, South Africa. The purpose was to help, but it was much beyond that. I had a life lesson, a very great personal growth. Everyday in the morning, when we arrived at crèche (me and the other volunteers), the children were waiting for us with a smile on their faces. Receiving those smiles, hugs, and kisses every morning was the best way to start the day. Playing, teaching a few words in English, helping in the distribution of snacks, it was a better way to brighten their lives because they need more love, affection and care. They need us!
I am very thankful to Iko Poran for the whole experience. They were always there from airport pick-up to accommodation, showing me the way and placing me at the project. It was unique experience without a doubt! My thanks to everybody who is part of this organization that has been helping all who need it. – Mariana

Want to learn more about volunteer work with children in South Africa?

Visit our page with the volunteer opportunities in South Africa. You may also read the project page of the childcare project in Cape Town.

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