Childcare Volunteer in Cambodia – Get out of your Comfort Zone!

Childcare volunteer in Cambodia. Get out of your comfort zone and make a wonderful discovery.

Lucy Wooding with the children at the daycare in Cambodia

Lucy Wooding traveled to Cambodia to volunteer as a childcare volunteer – and obviously enjoyed a lot!

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To work as a childcare volunteer in Cambodia, attending children at a day care center or orphanage, will be both a rewarding and challenging experience. In Cambodia, there are more than 250 orphanages which will be happy to welcome volunteers helping with the childcare. Accounting for 8.8% of all children, there are 553,000 single and double orphans in Cambodia. An estimated one-third of Cambodian children live below the poverty line, and their parents can’t afford adequate education. That’s why many families have turned to orphanages in hoping the orphanage could provide a better education for their own children. So the orphanages have become an important institution providing education for a better future not only for orphans, but also the children from families below the poverty line. This is why your work as a childcare volunteer in Cambodia is so important!

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