Fernando from Spain Teaching Young Monks in Nepal

Fernando del Castillo, from Spain, teaching young monks in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. Great work Fernando, thank you very much!!

Fernando teaching the young monks at the Buddhist Monastery
Fernando teaching the young monks at the Buddhist Monastery

Teaching English as a Volunteer in the Buddhist Monastery

Go for a unique volunteer trip and teach English to young monks at the Buddhist monastery, located at Aarubari, Jorpati, Kathmandu. Since the young monks are passionate English students, you will enjoy teaching. At the same time, you will learn about the Buddhist philosophy of peace and compassion.

The young monks in Nepal want to learn English in order to further their academic and professional opportunities. At this volunteer placement, you will teach English in a monastery located within the peaceful highlands of the Kathmandu valley.

Share your knowlegde with the young monks

If you choose to volunteer here you will share your knowledge and English language skills in exchange for the unique experience of witnessing and sharing in the inner workings of a Buddhist monastery. By giving your support in developing their proficiency in English language and grammar you will be playing a vital role in growing and broadening the futures of the young monks.

Find out more about volunteering in Nepal

Have a look at our teaching program at the Buddhist Monastery close to Kathmandu, and see all the projects for volunteer in Kathmandu. You may as well enjoy reading about more teaching English programs in several countries.

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