Gabriela Lopes Celebrating San Juan with her Students in Iquitos

Gabriela Lopes, from Brazil, has been celebrating San Juan with students from her Teaching Program in Peru. San Juan is a great festival in Iquitos, and the volunteer experience in the Peruvian Amazon was magnificent!

  • Gabriela with her students in the Class Room
    Gabriela with her students in the Class Room

Teaching Program in Iquitos, Peru

Volunteering as teaching assistent in a small village in the Peruvian Amazon is an excellent opportunity to get in contact with local people. While the students really appreciate the chance learning English from a native speaker, you will dive in a different and fascinating culture of the Peruvian Amazon. You can even participate in cultural events, like the festival of San Juan. The small community is located at only 20 min by boat from Iquitos, right in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon.

Dive into a different culture in the Peruvian Amazon

We believe, both the local people and the volunteer will truly benefit from the teaching program! You can make friends with people from a different cultural background, and also offer them a unique experience, learning from a foreigner.

Last but not least, nature is absolutely fascinating in the Peruvian Amazon! Our teaching project will be long-term, with new volunteers joining as teachers. And all of them enjoyed the excepcional experience a lot!

How to be a Teaching Assistent in Iquitos

If you feel the same enthusiasm to help developing the marvellous place, visit our page with the full information about volunteering in Peru, and proceed with you application. You can also go directly to the page with the Teaching Program in Peru. Be welcome!

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