Iko Poran Women’s Empowerment Project India – AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

Preparation and Orientation

I highly recommend Iko Poran’s Women’s Empowerment project in India! Every level of it was perfectly organized from the first email with owner Felipe to my conclusion!

India can be a crazy, chaotic place, but I always felt completely safe.

The women’s empowerment project

The on-site NGO program directors are in constant communications with you ensuring you have everything you need and they allow you to bring your best skills to empowering the women in Deep Public School.

I started teaching English but I ordered a couple of sewing machines from Amazon India, which they’d never seen, they LOVED it — so we switched to sewing every day so they can sell their products.

Living arrangements

Also, I lived with an amazing host family, they completely adopted me making me part of the family! Stay with host family if you can, you will be completely assimilated into India much quicker.

I’m a married 58 year old woman and this experience completely transformed my LIFE!

The women of India need YOU, don’t wait another minute—sign up NOW!! – Claire Herbert, USA

How can this program be improved?


Would you recommend this program?

Yes, I would

Some Photos of Claire’s work with Women’s Empowerment in Jaipur:

  • Claire: Women's Empowerment Project India
    Claire with the women group in Jaipur

Want to be a volunteer in India?

Find here all of our highly affordable volunteer programs in India, and how to proceed with your application. You can also go directly to the Women’s Empowerment Project in Jaipur.

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