New Shoes for the School Boys & Girls: How Claire Revolutionized the School in Jaipur

Hi Felipe,

It was such a great pleasure to volunteer and empower the women of India on behalf of your organization!
Before I left, I set up a very sophisticated fundraising plan to enable scores of my friends, family and associates to donate specific items that I could deliver to the slum public school once I arrived. I didn’t want to go over there, just serve my two weeks, and not leave without a lasting lifelong impact for the children and women.
I completely revolutionized the school, bringing it into the current century standards. Also, I brought two laptops, two sewing machines, sewing and laptop tables, sewing equipment, material for sewing into sanitary products, and how to read school supplies. Their first ever 3×4 bulletin boards, 32 children’s chairs, 4 teacher office chairs (they were on benches or on the floor with the kids), first printer, boombox, projector and large screen for presentations and lessons. My friends adopted 10 children for $110 yearlong scholarships.
  • New Shoes for the School Boys
    Claire bought new shoes for the entire school
And finally, I couldn’t bear seeing the children’s shoes in tatters, so many kids with toes poking out. I negotiated with the principal to allow me to buy the entire school new shoes (they get them once a year in July) immediately, by having  a shoemaker come and measure each child’s foot and deliver the shoes the next day. They nearly had nothing, now they have everything —including new shoes!

And I updated her website and I’m helping the schools social media postings. She said no one really has time to do it, but I’m getting it started for them.

Claire Herbert

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