Teaching English at the Buddhist Monastery: Filipa from Portugal and Natasha from the US

Two young women from two different continents joined for a volunteer experience teaching English at a Buddhist Monastery. Find on the photo Filipa Pereira, from Portugal, and Natasha Smith, from the US, with some of their English students in Nepal. Thank you, Ladies!! The world is better because of you.

Carol Masten commented on our Facebook page:

This is so awesome!!! Natasha you have such a beautiful heart for this!!! When I just read this, the biggest smile covered my face!! Much love Natasha!!!

  • Filipa Pereira Portugal Natasha Smith USA Teaching English at the Buddhist Monastery
    Filipa Pereira Portugal Natasha Smith USA with their students at Buddhist Monastery

Teaching English at the Buddhist Monastery at Aarubari, Kathmandu

Go for a unique volunteer trip for teaching English at a Buddhist monastery, located at Aarubari, Jorpati, Kathmandu. Since the young monks are passionate English students, you will enjoy teaching. At the same time, you will learn about the Buddhist philosophy of peace and compassion.

The young monks in Nepal want to learn English in order to further their academic and professional opportunities. At this volunteer placement, you will teach English in a monastery located within the peaceful highlands of the Kathmandu valley.

Buddhism is a religion based on the ideals of peace and compassion. As a volunteer at the monastery in Nepal you can learn much from the followers of Buddhism, especially from their mantra of a simple life. Therefore you will have the opportunity to get a close insight of Buddhist culture and spirituality. At the same time, your teaching will help the monks developing language skills and open new opportunities for their future.

How to volunteer teaching English at the Buddhist Monastery in Kathmandu

Find the volunteer project at the Buddhist Monastery here. You might also be interested in learning about more volunteer projects in Nepal.

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