Volunteer as English teacher in a Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu

When Elpidio from USA first learned about Iko Poran during a stay in South America, he signed up to volunteer as English teacher in a Buddhist Monastery in Kathmandu. But the uplifting experience with the young monks was just the beginning of more exciting travel adventures and volunteer experiences!

I was in South America December 2017 when I learned about Iko Poran. At first, I wanted to volunteer near where I was, considering that Iko Poran was Brazil-based. However, circumstances needed me to be in the Philippines in February. Fortunately, Iko Poran also had volunteering opportunities in Asia and after considering my options, I decided to volunteer as English teacher in a Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu. I registered for two weeks but ended up extending it to three weeks – March 17 to April 9, 2018. The experience was uplifting. It was my first time to work with children and it gave me optimism that the world continues to be more interconnected. While teaching, I met co-volunteers who opened my eyes to many more adventures which led me to visit Auroville, India and Bangkok, Thailand before resuming my original plan to immerse myself in Spanish-speaking countries. Now I am in Sevilla, Spain and I am looking forward to a next volunteering opportunity. I am confident working with Iko Poran will yield another outstanding outcome. – Elpidio (63), United States

Did the Teaching Experience at the Buddhist Monastery inspire you for your own volunteer trip?

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