Camilla is committed to the children at Doreen’s kindergarten in Cape Town

Camilla Bartholomei Santos, from Brazil, is involved with the children in Doreen’s kindergarten in South Africa. She enjoys teaching children or playing games with them.

Camilla Bartholomei Santos in Doreen's Kinderkrippe
Camilla in Doreen’s Crèche

I volunteered in a creche with children of 0 to 6 years old in Masiphumelele, a Township in Fish Hoek – Cape Town. Most of the time I worked with children from 5 to 6 years old, who at home would speak a language called Khosa, and at school they learn English. So, the volunteers teach them the shapes, colors, numbers, and among other basic things in English. In addition to literacy we play a lot, give hugs, lap, care, dance and sing. It is very fun and rewarding, a unique experience and difficult to explain with just words. My heart has multiplied!
I lived in a house with more volunteers from all over the world, I met and made many friends. Moreover, the region is beautiful and has many places to visit, adventures and food to try.

  • Camilla with a boy
    Camilla with a boy

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?

Camilla mit den Kindern in Südafrika
Camilla with the children in Cape Town

My advice is to volunteer de maximum of time you can. Just 1 or 2 weeks is not enough! All the volunteers I met that only went for a short time were sad they didn’t stayed for longer. So what recommend that is the perfect amount of time is staying for 1 month. The time will pass so fast that you will not even notice. I know it’s hard because you think you will miss your family and friends a lot, but you will make so many new friends in your new home, will go to so many adventures that the time will fly! – Camilla

How to volunteer with the children in Masiphumelele?

Also participate as a volunteer in the Child Development program in South Africa. Sign up today to work with us abroad, it will be a life changing experience.

Volunteering in Doreen’s kindergarten

The children in kindergarten are so grateful when they feel their affection and realize that someone really cares about them.

This is a unique opportunity to bring variety and something new to the lives of these children in Doreen’s Crèche. You will have a lot of fun working with a team of highly motivated educators.

A few videos of Camilla’s volunteer work in Doreen’s kindergarten

Camilla is teaching the children:

Become a volunteer in kindergarten in Cape Town

Visit the Volunteer Child Care Project in South Africa here. And of course there is more, for example Wildlife Volunteering in South Africa.

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