Kauan from Brazil helps the feeding project in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Kauan Muchiutte Rodrigues, from Brazil, helping the feeding project in Buenos Aires in order to provide a healthy meal for the poor. 👏👏👏 Thank you very much Kauan, you rock!!

How to work as a volunteer in the Community Feeding Project in Buenos Aires

Kauan Muchiutte Rodrigues Brazil helps Feeding Project in buenos Aires
Kauan helps to prepare healthy meals for people in need.

Work as Volunteer with community feeding project in Argentina, where you can help to feed hundreds of people in a social project. While you help in the kitchen to offer a nice meal every day, you also will get in touch with the needy families.

As a volunteer, you will cook for the 2,500 people in need, because they depend on this project to survive with some dignity. Furthermore, you will serve the meals and have a small talk with the people in need. You are more than welcome to suggest any activity to help all these families. You can imagine, how happy they will be about it.

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