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Blog 7

Franziska is grateful for the fantastic experience with Iko Poran.

Before I went to Sao Paulo for business reasons, I spent one month in Rio de Janeiro to bring up to speed my so far very basic Portuguese.

In order to do that, I decided to get involved in a social project with kids which was recommended by Ikoporan. It was an NGO called Ballet de Santa Teresa that offered kids for the time off after or before school a place to be and learn a variety of dances but also about arts, literature, singing, and English etc.

Banco Itaú and UNESCO recognize and support the project. They call it a place to turn dreams into reality.

I did spend most of the time at their facilities gaining insights into women’s fantastic work (they also give advice to kids, talking about values for example). And I finally got involved in giving jazz dance classes – also kind of turning into reality a small dream, I’ve never done this before and it was really great fun.

I am very grateful for the fantastic experience, I have learned a lot about Brazil and its culture and people but also about myself.

Thanks to Ikoporan for enabling this experience, to Marie for making her house my home and the women and dancers of Ballet de Santa Teresa for their passion and dedication.


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