Health Coaching for Children in Ethiopia: Emmanuel

Emmanuel enjoyed working on Health Coaching for children and youth in Ethiopa and included first aid techniques as well. Great Job!

Emmanuel Health Coaching Ethiopia
Emmanuel with the youth in Addis Ababa

I had a great experience volunteering and working with children of the Ethiopian Education Foundation (EEF). It was a grand experience coaching the youths on the basics of health and wellbeing lifestyle initiatives. Everyone involved learnt and practiced basic CPR and resuscitation techniques to save lives in emergency situations where there is no doctor.

The students learned how to handle and respond to various forms of first aid treatments for common accidents. It was also a pleasant experience as various groups explored how to recognize and manage signs of worms, diarrhoea and dehydration in children.

The youths loved it as much as I did as they also helped in showing me around the local places of relaxation at the weekends. Would relish an opportunity to work with the staff and organising team again as they made my experience a fantastic one.

I would recommend Iko Poran and EEF to anyone who would like to consider volunteering in Ethiopia. – Emmanuel

How to volunteer on Health Coaching for the children and youth in Ethiopia?

Join our volunteer program for wellness coaching in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During the program you may include yoga lessons, wellness coaching, wellbeing strategy and more.

Since there are several different ways of thinking about health and wellbeing, students will get in touch with these different kind of exercises. Finally, they will find out, what is best for them.

Understanding the benefits of having a lifestyle in accordance with their body, mind and soul is crucial for health and wellbeing. Moreover, yoga, meditation and physical exercises help to achieve and maintain physical fitness and mental stability. This is a positive definition of health and wellbeing.

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