Lea’s Volunteer Experience in India: Incredible, Inexpensive and Beautiful

Lea describes her volunteer experience in India. When asked, if she could describe her experience with three words, she would say: “Incredible, unexpected and beautiful.” She enjoyed her trip to India from the beginning: at the airport pickup, the orientation, and the volunteer projects. She has been teaching English to children and met so many friendly people – they are unbelievable friendly, she says, and want us to discover the culture.

From her interview…

If you had a chance to describebe India with three words, what words would you use?

Incredible, unexpected and beautiful.

What made you smile in India?

The people are very friendly, especially to foreigners – sometimes they can be a little bit too friendly, but it’s OK. You get used to it, you can not like to be a star.

What makes us unique?

Listening to the people, they are giving us som tips and are helping us, they are very friendly, they want us discover the culture

What are the best Memories you take with you from your Project & us?

I would say everything, because it is very dificult for me to say, there is only one moment that is important, because for me it is all journey and I have a very big experience about it.

Discover the Indian culture…

On her trip she had Yoga lessons, took part in an Indian dance class, a cooking workshop and many more.

Are you ready for your volunteer experience in India?

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