Let’s Raise Your Hand towards the Less Privileged People On This Earth

Thailand is a beautiful country on this earth which is well famous for its beaches and food in whole the world. Many new couples and families travel to Thailand to spend quality time with their loved ones and make their journey memorable.

But, have you ever think about the life of the peoples of Thailand how they are living. In the rural areas of Thailand, peoples are facing extreme poverty. Even, they cannot get their two meals a day with ease. If you want to serve these peoples or searching for Volunteer in Thailand and want to contribute then you can connect with our platform ikoporan.org

We serve many countries such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Thailand, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. Sri Lanka is one of the countries which has become a little stable and peaceful over the last years. It has a long history of armed conflict.

Due to the poverty of Sri Lanka, peoples are fighting to fulfill their basic needs. They are continuously working hard to overcome the problems. To become Volunteer in Sri Lanka, you must join our platform.

To get more details regarding our services, you should go through our website. We provide basic needs to the peoples regarding nutrition and health, educational services and other kinds of services.

If you have the desire to contribute to other countries also then you are most welcome to join our platform. We do social work to make a better life for poor peoples.

For more information please visit: https://www.ikoporan.org/

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