A Medical Volunteer from Hong Kong in Nepal: Tsz Hin Lee

Volunteer Tsz Hin Lee (Hinson), from Hong Kong, during his medical program in Nepal. Volunteering abroad is the best way to gain experience whilst helping others.

How to work as a Medical Volunteer in Nepal?

Volunteer Tsz Hin Lee (Hinson) from Hong Kong, during his medical program in NepalAs a medical volunteer from Hong Kong you can work as an intern at a Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu.

Therefore this medical program is a great way for medical students to learn about the Nepalese healthcare system. Meanwhile, in Kathmandu you will start immersing yourself in the local culture. Your tasks will vary depending on your background, but if you have medical training or formal experience, you will be able to practice non-intrusive care for patients, under supervision from local professionals.

Visit our page with the Volunteer Projects in Nepal, including the medical internship at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu.

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