New Year volunteers in Rio de Janeiro. Happy 😃 2018!

New Year volunteers in Rio de Janeiro.
Happy 😃 2018 and Welcome to Brazil.

Felipe Murray with his volunteers on Escadaria Selarón in Lapa, Rio. A promising New Year 2018 has just arrived and the volunteers enjoyed the New Year’s Party in Rio. It is summer in the cosmopolitan city and the beaches are beautiful.

The Carioca Way Of Life

New Year Volunteers
New Year Volunteers

Open-hearted people will welcome you. The Carioca way of life is beyond comparison! People thrive with hapiness and spontaneity. May be this year you try out the Carnival preparation project? You can help creating the decoration for the floats and dive into sambe rhythm.

Many Volunteer Opportunities to choose from

In Rio you can teach English, work with Urban Environmentalism at the Tijuca Rainforest. The Arts and Design programs are sought after as well, you can even work with ballet classes. Or you choose to give your love and joy to the children of a day care centre or orphanage.

There a plenty of options, check it out on our homepage, the Brazil volunteer programs in full detail!

Be welcome to Rio!


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  1. Hello Kumaresan,

    Thank you very much for your interest in Iko Poran and our international volunteer programs.
    It is great to know you want to volunteer abroad to help with the inequalities that exist in the World.

    The first step for us to ensure that you will have a gratifying and productive experience is to fill out the on-line application form available at the section Apply Now of our website. upper right corner.

    We really appreciate your interest in helping us build a fair and equal society for all and look forward to receiving your application form soon.

    Best Regards

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