Arts and Design Volunteer Overseas: Most affordable volunteer projects with IKPVA

Get involved as an Arts and Design volunteer in Brazil, Ethiopia, Tanzania or Sri Lanka.

Your creativity will inspire children and adolescents who want to develop their talents. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil you may teach Arts and painting to the children.

If you are into African Dance, you may choose to volunteer at a dance workshop in Tanzania or Sri Lanka together with children with special needs.

Are you in love with photography? Go for a trip to Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia and foster the talents of the students at the hostel. You can also teach them sculpting or painting, and if you are a musician, bring your instruments! The adolescents will love to sing and play with you.

Arts and Design are far more than just entertainment; it can be a powerful force for community building, nurturing human creativity, and social empowerment for future growth and employment opportunities.

How to work as an Arts and Design volunteer?

We at Iko Poran aim to provide some of the most exciting and inexpensive volunteer projects.

People who want to share their creative skills with students in underdeveloped countries will find teaching them a rewarding and inspiring experience.

Find our projects in detail below, let you inspire and proceed with your application.

Destinations for Arts Volunteers


Arts Volunteering Abroad – Overview

Arts and Design

Art, music, photography, dance, and theater are among the creative expressions that inspire young people all over the world.

Iko Poran has put together a series of art, dance and music programs where volunteers can creatively promote people in different countries.

Therefore, our volunteers can use their workshops to stimulate different groups of the population to express themselves creatively in art, theater, music, and dance.

The artistic activity promotes young talents and also helps to develop social cohesion and self-confidence.


Opportunities in the arts and design program

An art project that offers an invigorating mix of music, dance, and theater to creatively stimulate the most vulnerable children and adolescents certainly helps to empower young people and find their place in society.

If you work with children from a number of impoverished neighborhoods, you will provide new positive impulses.

With your involvement in art education, you will find a way to the hearts of the people and also contribute to the better endowment of the art projects.

The artistic exchange with people from another culture can also be inspiring for you.

As a volunteer for an arts and design program, one of your main responsibilities will be to educate and support children in local communities by offering cultural and artistic education. In doing so, the adolescents will discover their own creative potential, thereby more easily resisting the temptations of quick money in the ubiquitous drug trafficking.


Skills needed for an Arts and Design Volunteer

Ballet class of our arts and design program

The vast majority of our programs in the arts require no prerequisite skills.

Please browse through the project descriptions on the destinations where we offer this program for further details about talents and expertise they may seek out.

Keep in mind that if you have a special artistic ability that you would like to share.

Please feel free to contact us and we will try to tailor a program especially for you.