Community Development Volunteering Abroad: Most affordable Programs with IKPVA

Choose from some of the best community development volunteer programs overseas, they are both rewarding and highly affordable! With your volunteer work you will create a positive change, since you can combine local talents of the community with your experience and new ideas as an international volunteer. The goal is to empower community members with marketable skills in order to enable them generate sustainable income. Therefore, the community development projects open up an alternative path for growth. Since the local people start to develop their skills, they will free themselves from being victims of the vicious circle of the ubiquitous drug trade, juvenile prostitution and under employment.

How to be a Community Development Volunteer Overseas?

Have a look at our best community development volunteer projects above. On the detail pages of each project, you also will find all the information you need, to proceed with your application. With your budget in mind, we have developed some of the best community development projects in several countries. Check it out, our fees are among the cheapest!


How to change communities for the better

Amazing Experience – Community Development Volunteering in Argentina at it’s Best

Nathan volunteering with community development in Argentina
Community development in Argentina: Nathan from USA

Amazing experience with some of the greatest people.

The local coordinators and the local organization were perfect. We will carry these people and memories with us for the rest of our lives.

Everything went smoothly and it was much cheaper than other organizations. I would highly recommend this program!

My fiance and I will probably come back because the program and the people changed our lives so much.

The local volunteer neighborhood invited us to the pool and to play soccer in their community. Once in a lifetime experience! – Nathan, Washington DC

Visit the project in Argentina

Save an Amazon Community in Ecuador

Amazon Community: Las Tolas in Ecuador
Save an Amazon Community in Ecuador

So my girlfriend and I spent a week and a few days in a little village called Las Tolas. The people there were beyond amazing! They were happy, supportive and generally loved life. They were such a good and connected community. Everyone knew everyone!
The days off from work were awesome, as we got to go to little waterfalls with the village’s personal guide, Solomon. He was very insightful and knowledgeable about basically everything in the area. From the local humming birds to the different rocks on the side of the rivers. He knew every town, and seemingly every person that inhabited it.

Our family were overly happy to have us and we were overly happy to spent time with them. We worked hard during most days, out in different farms, but I wouldn’t have traded the views for anything. Jaw-dropping stuff. It was an insane trip and I would do it again in a heart beat! Thanks for every one at Iko Poran and Las Tolas organisations for making this happen. – Sam, 22 years, Melbourne

Learn more about the project at Las Tolas Village in Ecuador!

Overview of the Best Community Development Projects

Working with Community development is so exciting because the volunteers will get involved in many different activities.
For best results, the volunteers should be open to working together with locals in community centers. Some of the tasks for the volunteers are to provide assistance with day-to-day tasks, in order to help these local organizations carry out their social programs. The community development programs help both to improve the life quality of local people and broaden the development within their communities. Volunteers can also help with organizing the project. Hence, any professional expertise in the field will highly be appreciated and will go a long way to help the partner project gets better.


Opportunities for Community Development Volunteers

Lucy Thiess Community Feeding Buenos Aires
Lucy Thiess: Community Feeding in Buenos Aires

The community development project involves as much and as little as one wants to do. Unlike a normal working environment in a sports program, it features no fixed structure and leaves you open to go in a direction that suits best your skills and interests. You are free to add as much help as you like or the bare minimum.

On your working schedule as a community development volunteer

The range of volunteer work can include, but not limited to:

  • promoting health and sanitation awareness
  • teaching English (if during school term more intense than holiday)
  • playing sports
  • management and administrative tasks
  • marketing & fundraising for local projects
  • painting & renovation
  • community garden & environmental campaigns
  • arts programs
  • help to spread the word about local initiatives
  • recreational and extracurricular workshops
  • organizing events and assist in any other activity developed by the local community

Destinations for Volunteering Overseas

Skills needed for Community Development Volunteering

Creative, capable, committed, flexible and motivated community development volunteers help to strengthen this project since they can offer great value. In this manner, sustainability for the local population, employment opportunities and the overall positive impact of the project will increase.

As a community development volunteer, you should, of course, be interested in the NGOs work. Understanding the reality of the social projects is crucial for making the best choices for the work to be done, in order to improve results. You will live the reality of these community development projects from inside being able to give a lot and learn a lot more than you can imagine.