Environmental Volunteering Abroad: Reforestation and Ecological Gardening Projects

You may choose to work with environmental volunteering in Brazil, Ecuador, and Ethiopia, in order to get involved in reforestation and ecological gardening projects. Furthermore, you can work on environmental awareness at a school in Ethiopia. Depending on the program you sign up for, a few tasks you can help with include planting and seeding organic gardens, conducting educational workshops in schools, inventorying plants, and much more. When you choose to support ecological tourism, you can help to build and maintain ecological treks, and promote ecotourism initiatives. While you don’t need background experience to apply for environmental volunteer programs, you should be fit and willing to take on physically demanding work outdoors.

Choose from some of the Best Environmental Volunteer Programs Overseas

If you enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind digging in the dirt and challenging yourself consider to work with environmental volunteering abroad in one of our environmental protection programs.

How to apply for Environmental Volunteering Abroad?

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Benefits from Environmental Volunteering Abroad – Overview

Environmental Volunteering abroad: Community garden in Rio de Janeiro
Community Garden in Rio

Since the projects include a wide range of environmental protection activities, they will help restore and help to preserve the World’s natural wonders.

Since the preservation of natural resources is crucial for all societies on the planet, your work with environmental volunteering will benefit people locally and globally. However, these resources are subjected to environmental problems that put the economic and environmental sustainability at risk. Due to soil degradation, deforestation, drainage of wetlands, loss of biodiversity, pollution and unsanitary conditions the future of humanity at risk.

Preserving the Tijuca Rainforest in Rio: Ecological Volunteer Project

Volunteers preserving the Rainforest in Rio
Volunteers preserving the Rainforest in Rio

I was in Rio de Janeiro for 4 weeks helping out in the Tijuca rainforest and at the community garden in a favela. I met so many different people from all over the world and as a result, I not only learned about Brazil but many other cultures. It’s a great way to get to know a city and have more of a local feel and the program itself is very reasonably priced. I would definitely consider coming back to Iko Poran for volunteering again.

  • Emily, University of Waterloo


Protecting the Environment

Children planting seeds in a tree nursery in an environmental volunteering project
Children planting seeds in a tree nursery

If you choose to work with environmental Volunteering abroad in one of our ecological projects overseas, you can help to preserve and develop some of the most precious natural spaces. At the same time, you will help to provide alternatives to incorporate the needs of local communities.

Therefore, we have established partnerships with a number of community groups and environmental projects that promote responsible initiatives around the world.

During your stay, you might assist communities with the design, establishment, and management of tree nurseries, tree planting, and reforestation activities. You can also help in community gardens to grow vegetables for poor families. Since these activities with environmental volunteering help to reduce pressure on natural forests, you will end up contributing to forest protection, Your work will also help to create sustainable livelihoods for community members.


Opportunities for Environmental Volunteering

Depending on the season tasks may include, but not limited to:

  • Planting, seeding, helping in organic gardens;
  • Offer educational workshops in schools;
  • Help to build and maintain ecological treks;
  • Develop socio-environmental projects;
  • Promote eco-tourism initiatives;
  • Help to create alternative solutions to the ever-increasing environmental problems created by plastic residues, waste, and pollution;
  • Inventorying plants;
  • You may prepare vegetable gardens & nursery beds. These vegetables are later distributed to the local communities for free.

Destinations for Environmental Volunteering Abroad


 Urban Environmentalism in Rio de Janeiro

Skills needed for environmental volunteering abroad and environment protection

No prerequisite skills are necessary for environmental programs. However, be aware, that some of the projects may be physically quite demanding, depending also on seasonal conditions. If you feel motivated and are in good physical condition, the environmental volunteering program is for you!