Medical Volunteer Abroad: Medical Internships & Healthcare Volunteering

Our medical volunteer abroad and health promotion volunteer program is ideal for medical students or nurses who want to get hands-on experience with medical internships at hospitals and health centers. While patients and doctors in your home country are blessed by the advanced medical system, there is still lack of proper healthcare in third world countries, Considering the disadvantages patients in foreign countries often face, your help as a medical volunteer abroad is so important. The medical internship program also offers opportunities for professionals who want to dedicate their time and skills to help local communities. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for medical students, find the countries below!


How to be a Medical Volunteer Abroad and work on Health Promotion or go for a Medical Internship?

Felipe als Medizinpraktikant in Peru
Felipe as a medical volunteer in Peru

Visit our medical volunteer abroad projects, where you can broaden your health promotion experience in several countries. Click the slides above, and find the full information about volunteering with healt promotion an how to sign up. Then follow the steps of the application by filling out the form. We’ll get in touch with you, guiding you through the final steps to complete your application as a medical volunteer abroad. Find below some of our volunteers’ experiences with medical internships and health promotion!


Benefits from Medical Internships

The medical internships aborad are the perfect choice for you in order to expand your healthcare experience, the medical internship is for you. Enjoy traveling to different countries, where you can help others especially those in critical need. During your work at the clinic, you will gain real-world healthcare experience outside your home country. During the medical internship, you also will also understand the healthcare system of a different country. Finally, your volunteer work will help to improve the access and practices of public health in many countries around the world.



Medical Volunteer Abroad Experiences

Magda Camaxide: “I was able to exchange experiences and knowledge” – Medical Internship at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal

Medical Volunteer Abroad: Magda Camaxide at the Kathmandu Pediatric Hospital
Magda Camaxide volunteering at the Kathmandu Pediatric Hospital

During my 3 week stay in Nepal I was very fortunate to be welcomed in a host nepalese family that not only demonstrated utmost kindness and generosity to me and my boyfriend, but also with whom I was able to learn about many customs and their meanings, cultural inheritance, frustrations and dreams in the heart of Kathmandu. I thank them for having enriched my experience in countless ways.

At the hospital I was able to exchange experiences and knowledge that was beneficial to both sides and was also extremely well integrated in the hospital routines. Thank You Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center for this opportunity!!! – Magda Camaxide, Portugal

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Rita Gomes: Wonderfull Experience at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu

Medical Volunteer in Nepal
Rita Gomes Silva, from Portugal, in action on her Medical volunteer program in Nepal.

It was a wonderfull experience this 6 weeks in Kathmandu, a unic experience that I will never forget. I had an opportunitiy to learn first hand about Nepalese family life and to share everything with them, like it was my own family. Be a volunteer in Konti Children Hospital it was a rewarding experience. However in the beginning I felt little frustrated. Because of the language barrier, the diferent practices from what I used to, I felt that I didn’t help as much I desire.

But then I take the opportunity to observe, discover, learn about the health cares, most common diseases in Nepal and listen all the experience and dificulties of the parent’s and all the staff of the hospital.

I start to be able to help slowly according to my capabilities.

After this experience I felt lik the Nepali people did more for me than I did for them.  – Rita Gomes da Silva (Portugal)

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Cristina: Medical Internship at a Health Centre in Cusco, Peru

Talking about the project, I’ve been in a little health centre in Cuzco. It was a less-favoured area, where I could learn a lot about diseases I hadn’t seen before so frequently and I could perform some procedures that I hadn’t tried in my country of origin. For sure, this has been a great oportunity for my personal and professional growth. It is always very enriching meeting a new health system and a different way of working, making the best with the little resources that they have and knowing the individual patient very well. The doctors were kind with us and let us explore and help them in their daily practise.
So, after all, I am really happy to have been a part of this adventure:-) – Cristina from Spain (23 years)

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Medical Internship at a Small Hospital in Surin, Thailand

Valérie Medizinisches Praktikum in Thailand
Valérie – Medical Internship in Thailand

I participated in the Thailand Medical Volunteering project in Surin province and was placed at Takook Community Hospital. I had initially intended to stay 2 weeks in this program. Yet, since the first week I was there, I knew instantly that I wanted to stay longer which I did. Felipe from Iko Poran was incredibly helpful in sorting out pre-departure fees and was also available to answer all my questions.

As for the program, I was astonished at how hands-on it was and how incredibly lovely and welcoming the Thailand team was. I got the opportunity to partake in wound-dressing on locals of a rather indigent part of the countryside. The team gave us training in the first week, but by the second, we were given a lot of autonomy for house calls, obviously accompanied by one of the nurses. The people of the village were also incredibly friendly and giving.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who has not previously had much medical experience or anyone who wishes to extend their current skills to communities that cannot usually access such care. – Valérie Pierre-Louis, from France

Medical Volunteer Abroad: Health Promotion and Medical Internships – Overview

Volunteer listens to the heart of a child in a Medical Health Promotion project

If you are considering a career in the health or medical field, our medical volunteer abroad and health promotion programs are perfect to gain experience in the field working alongside local healthcare professionals and/or healthcare education to local communities. As a medical volunteer abroad you may be placed in different settings according to your qualifications and the country you pick.

Healthcare Volunteering for Medical Students

Medical volunteer abroad projects focus on:

  • Health Awareness
  • AIDS Prevention and Health Awareness (Uganda)
  • Pediatric Hospital at Kathmandu (Nepal)
  • Dental Programs and Medical Internships (Peru)
  • Wellness and Health Education (Ethiopia)

Your work as a medical volunteer abroad helps to improve health promotion and education, which are an integral part of furthering the goals of development. With a well-informed and healthy population, anything is possible. However, there are extensive health problems that continue to threaten the wellbeing of the people. Since you you will be on the front lines of educating and raising awareness for healthcare issues, your contribution as a medical volunteer will greatly benefit the local population. Whether you are involved in hands-on health promotion and canvassing, healthcare advising, contraceptive literacy, or leading disease awareness workshops – your work as a medical volunteer abroad will make an immediate, positive impact on your project.


Opportunities for Healthcare Volunteering as a Medical Volunteer Abroad

Since the healthcare systems in many developing countries are still in its early stages of development, they have limited impact on the poorest communities in these countries. As a result, many communities rely on local organizations and NGOs for healthcare advice and education, meaning it is up to the people to provide effective health awareness. Thus, it is imperative that these organizations are staffed with dedicated and knowledgeable medical volunteers abroad to execute essential health activities.

As a medical volunteer abroad, you will have the opportunity to assist clinics and hospitals, however, you will not be allowed to partake in serious procedures.


Destinations for Medical Volunteers Abroad


Skills needed to Work as a Medical Volunteer Abroad on Health Promotion and with Medical Internships

Volunteer examines the foot of a child in a Medical Health Promotion project

Medical volunteer abroad programs are suitable for both experienced and inexperienced volunteers. However, as a medical volunteer abroad, you will be placed according to their specific experience and qualification levels. It is an excellent opportunity for medical students to learn and gain experience in the field.