NGO Development

In the NGO Development program you help to improve the work and communication of our partner organizations to cause a bigger positive impact and broaden their reach in their communities.




NGO Development


There are many established Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) struggling to help their communities by offering different types of activities and services to uplift the living conditions of their populations. These NGOs are often very limited in financial and staffing resources.

Many staff members are volunteers that receive no salary for their work and efforts. Often the organizations lack skills and resources to become powerful players at the local level.




Opportunities to help in the NGO Development project

As a volunteer in NGO development project you will work closely with the organization helping them in many different ways. Volunteers may work with general administration, organizational development, writing reports and proposals, developing ideas for income generating activities, IT, teaching English, and others.
Desenvolvimento de ONGs 2

Volunteers’ work have been helping our partner NGOs to achieve more and better results meeting their goals and broadening their reach in their communities.

Activities might include but not limited to:
– Write Grant letters/ Fundraising projects;
– Write presentations;
– Write Strategic growth plans;
– Establish and loyalty new partnerships;
– Develop new communication channels;
– Others that add to the partner organizations objetives and goals.

Skills needed to NGO Development

Volunteers from any background are welcome in this project. There are different NGOs working in many areas. All projects need help and there is always something you can do, but volunteers will go a much longer way if they can grasp the local language.

The most important skill needed for this kind of volunteer work is a positive attitude, creativity, and flexibility. The most successful volunteers have been self-starters who are willing to chart their own goals and objectives, while serving the needs of the partner organizations.