Special Volunteer Projects: Women Empowerment and more…

If you don’t see your interests in any of the other categories, you will find it in this Special Projects section! These projects include a wide range of opportunities to match all skills and interests.




The special projects are great volunteer opportunities that cannot be included in a specific category and comprise a wide variety of activities, such as:

  • Cook meals and feed 2,500 people per day in Buenos Aires, Argentina;
  • Join the preparations and embrace the hard work involved in preparing carnival costumes for one of biggest parties on earth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
  • Develop your own project to help strengthen the community, Volunteers with carnival costumes of one of the Special Projectslike the volunteer who learned Ecuadorian cuisine and held a dinner to buy a tank that benefited the entire community;
  • A Voluntour in Thailand – the perfect mix of responsible tourism and incredible partying. For two weeks you will be volunteering hard building and caring for elephants and for two weeks you will reap the rewards on a world famous party island;
  • An It training project in Uganda that opens a new World to students and teachers;
  • A microfinance project in Uganda with the aim to contribute towards the sustainable economic development of local individuals by providing the proper skills training and micro-loans to help break the cycle of poverty and hunger
  • Women and Girls empowerment projects in Uganda and Tanzania helping them to overcome difficult circumstances and to reach long-term development.
  • Buddhist Meditation internship is Sri Lanka, learning Buddha’s teaching and helping on the day-to-day operation of the monastery.

Opportunities in the special projects:

The tasks vary according to each specific project, but they may include, but not limited to:

  • Work in a soup kitchen preparing and delivering meals to 2,500 people per day;Volunteer traing ladies to do jewerly in a Special Project
  • Prepare the costumes (gluing, cutting, sewing, etc) of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, the biggest show on earth;
  • Use the skills you learn furing the program and develop a project to strengthen the community;
  • Provide food and water, mucking out and helping to bathe elephants.Safely ‘walk’ elephants fo daily exercise;
  • Laying bricks, mix cement, pipe/water work or rendering;
  • Teaching practical computer skills ranging from how to turn a computer on and off, to to use the internet for research and communication;
  • Provide proper skills training to local individuals and groups to help them grow their businesses and help break the cycle of poverty and hunger;
  • Help to empower an economically disadvantaged group of women and girls in Africa by providing them training in income generative skills and education.

Happy voluneers of the Voluntour, one of our Special Projects

Skills for special projects

No prerequisite skills are necessary for these special projects, but please check the description of your chosen project to verify the specifics.

For all projects volunteers should be independent, adaptable, motivated and enthusiastic.



Carnival Volunteer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Canival Volunteer Rio de janeiro
Volunteers preparing for the Carnival Parade.

Go for a very special trip as a Carnival Volunteer in Rio and participate in the preparations at Samba School. Therefore you will experience Carnival from inside, where the preparations and rehearsals are beginning already several months before Carnival.

Samba schools competing in Carnival have a full year of intense work to prepare the many costumes, floats music and dances for the celebration and volunteers help some of the leading Samba schools in the creation of costumes or decoration of floats.

Volunteers do not need to have any experience in costume or stage design, just a willingness to work hard.

Find out more about the Carnival Volunteer Project in Rio