Community Development in Buenos Aires

My fiancé and I had an incredible experience volunteering in the community development project in Buenos Aires and now in Brazil.

Our project in Buenos Aires was in a very special community of which we were welcomed with open arms.

The family we worked alongside we now consider our own family!!

Here in Rio doing sports development has been extremely rewarding and we are learning so much about this beautiful culture and even learning capoeira with the locals!!

Felipe and his family have been SO accommodating & we are having a blast living with him and his beautiful fam!

HIGHLY recommend all IKP programs :)!! – Lindsey Willis, USA

About the Community Development Project in Buenos Aires

Devenvolvimento comunitário na Argentina
Nathan Nabatoff e Lindsey Willis

As a volunteer, you can participate in different campaigns during the year, according to the need of the community at that time.

Volunteers must be willing to participate in various activities that will arise – for example sorting clothes, food, books, toys, etc.

Moreover, you can participate in families inclusion projects or help to plan events for schools and communities.

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