A Week of Cultural Activities to begin your Volunteer Work in Jaipur India

Begin your volunteer work in India with a week of cultural activities, learn some Hindi and enjoy incredible free trips around Jaipur. At the first moment you might experiment a kind of cultural shock in India, when you get out of your plane. But with Yoga classes, a dance workshop, drawing Mandalas, you will soon feel at home, and know magnificent and unbelievable kind people. You will even learn to bake chapati and paint your body with Heena Tattoos. Don’t be afraid, they are just painted.

Odette Crisp, for instance, from Australia took part in the cooking workshop, learned Indian dances and even made chapati for an elephant. Find below some of the pictures, and see how warm she was welcomed in India;

  • Heena tattoo workshop

You will learn about religion as well, experience Holi and Diwali celebrations, and even draw Mandalas! With this short introduction to India and the “Pink City”, as Jaipur referred to, we believe, you are ready to go ahead with your volunteer project.

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