Reforestation Volunteer in Brazil: Rio Lacraide plants trees in the Rain Forest

Rio Lacraide, came all the way from the UK to plant trees as a reforestation volunteer in Brazil, at the Tijuca Rain Forest in Rio. He carries rocks to unsettle the river at the National Forest in Rio de Janeiro. During his stay, he also works as a volunteer teacher. You rock Rio!

How to volunteer to save the Tijuca Rain Forest in Rio de Janeiro

Rio moving rocks to unsettle a river bed at the Tijuca Rain Forest
Rio is moving rocks

If you enjoy the outdoors activities, you may enjoy working as an environmental volunteer in Rio de Janeiro. You can choose to work as a reforestation volunteer at the city’s forest or grow vegetables in a community organic garden in one of Rio’s favelas.

From nature conservation projects to urban renewal, there are many environmental tasks in Rio. Therefore, IKPVA has built partnerships with a range of NGOs and social projects.

You can volunteer with the reforestation project at The Tijuca National Forest, the world’s largest urban forest. While you are volunteering on this project, you will be helping in the tree nursery. But there is more, what you can do:

  • counting species of tropical trees and typical plants
  • opening and cleaning hiking trails in the forest
  • cutting branches
  • planting trees
  • painting fences / signals

among other activities.

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