Teaching English in Rio de Janeiro: Amazing Experience

Sam Gunning has been teaching English in Rio de Janeiro last summer:

I spent summer 20018 with this program. This is an amazing project to be part of in every sense.

The accommodation was fantastic, and all the logistics, such as airport pick-up and so on were seamless. The orientation was fantastic – learning about the city, getting around, as well as receiving excellent training. The staff at the school were very supportive and friendly. And, the teaching was a lot of fun as well as rewarding. You really felt like you were helping. I was really well supported throughout my time in Rio, and felt so welcomed by the organization. There is a great atmosphere between the volunteers, and it was great socialise and learn about their projects too. Also, Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city.

The program is excellent value for money and I would definitely recommend this project to anyone.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?

Take the opportunity to visit lots of the different attractions in Rio de Janeiro, and close by. There are many museums, beaches and things to do. – Sam Gunning, United Kingdom

How can I teach English in Rio de Janeiro?

Join one of our volunteer projects in Rio de Janeiro, where you can work as a volunteer teacher, care for the children at a day care as a parenting teacher or even work on environmental protection at the Tijuca Rain Forest.

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