Urban Environmentalism Program at Tijuca Rainforest Rio – Elisa

So far I have had a wonderful experience volunteering in Rio de Janeiro with Iko Poran’s Urban Environmentalism program. I am half way through my two-month stay in Rio and I already know that it will be a very valuable experience for me.

Urban Environmentalism Program at Tijuca Rainforest

The project consists of work in Tijuca National Park and at a large community garden in a favela, where they grow almost every sort of common vegetable in Brazil. The people I work with in the communities are all incredibly kind and welcoming, not to mention they are doing work that makes a big difference for themselves and the environment.

Staying in a beautiful Home with the Host Family

Here in Rio, I have stayed in a beautiful home with the host family. The house is in an area within walking distance of some bars and restaurants and has a nice view, as well as a very comfortable living space. The family has been welcoming and make sure that I have everything I need to enjoy my time here. They also have two adorable kids and two cats, which has been great for me as well.

Wide Range of Volunteer Projects with Iko Poran

Overall, I recommend Iko Poran as a volunteering outlet. They offer a wide range of work that contributes to the local communities, while also assuring a fun and comfortable stay.

  • Elisa Paterson

Want to volunteer at Tijuca Rainforest?

Visit the page of ou environmental volunteer program in Rio.

Find the full information about volunteering in Rio de Janeiro here.

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