Volunteering in a Clinic in Rio de Janeiro

From start to end, from coming off the airplane to leaving on the last day, we had the support of Felipe and his close friend, Regina. On the days that we volunteered at the clinic, one of them would greet us early in the morning at our hostel to pick us up and help us get there. On the days that we did not volunteer, they would still drop everything for us if we needed them. The program itself really allowed us to immerse ourselves in the culture and get a sense of the Brazilian healthcare system when we volunteered. It was a very good learning experience and a great opportunity to shadow doctors and learn some basic medical techniques, such as taking blood pressure. The doctors and nurses were all very nice and willing to work with us despite the language barrier. I was very happy with my experience with Iko Poran in Rio. – Jason Simonides

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  1. el voluntariado es una necesidad de querer servir al prójimo, el servicio a quien lo necesita no te rebaja ni te eleva, es un deber que nos fue encomendado al nacer, lo realizas con una carrera académica pero también con el conocimiento adquirida de la vida, quisiera aplicar para poder servir a personas que necesitan el porcentaje de ayuda que les pueda brindar, espero sea bastante, Brasil un país hermoso anexo a mi país natal .

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