What a great and touching experience!

My wife and I spent two weeks with the EEF family in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Staying together with the students at the EEF hostel made everything even more intense and special.

James Piazza and family study session
James Piazza and family study session

Once they were back from school, our daily sessions with the kids would begin. We had the opportunity to help them with English, as well as their homework in whatever subject they needed support. We also had great discussions about global affairs, financial planning and life in university, as well as exciting trivias about topics like Brazil and Africa, which they enjoyed a lot. We even had the chance to help some of the students with their application essays for university. Now our fingers are crossed for them. 😉

During the weekend we were invited to visit one of the kid’s home and get in touch with the family and local neighborhood. Another special occasion was the Ethiopian Christmas, celebrated on January 7th, which we had the opportunity to share with some of the kids. An unique celebration with traditional food, dance and coffee ceremony. Moments which we will never forget!

James Piazza photo with all students
In the Class Room

We thank both EEF and Iko Poran to have made it possible. Iko Poran team (Felipe in special) was very supportive since the very first contact. The EEF program managers in Addis (Alice and Giulio) made everything possible for us to get the most out of this experience. – James Piazza and his wife

What would you improve about this program?

Don’t worry too much before arriving there. You will certainly be helpful and the EEF managers are also there to help tailor the activities to the students’ needs. 😉

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