Save an Amazon Community in Ecuador: The People were Beyond Amazing!

Sam and his girlfriend went to  Ecuador, to save an Amazon Community, and found the people were beyond amazing:

So my girlfriend and I spent a week and a few days in a little village in the Amazon Forest. The people there were beyond amazing! They were happy, supportive and generally loved life. They were such a good and connected community. Everyone knew everyone!
The days off from work were awesome, as we got to go to little waterfalls with the village’s personal guide, Solomon. He was very insightful and knowledgeable about basically everything in the area. From the local humming birds to the different rocks on the side of the rivers. He knew every town, and seemingly every person that inhabited it.
Our family were overly happy to have us and we were overly happy to spent time with them. We worked hard during most days, out in different farms, but I wouldn’t have traded the views for anything. Jaw-dropping stuff. It was an insane trip and I would do it again in a heart beat! Thanks for every one at Iko Poran and local people for making this happen. – Sam, 22 years, Melbourne

How to be a volunteer in Ecuador?

This charming country is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the World and offers some of the greatest wonders of nature. It is a very inexpensive country with great food and friendly people. Actually, Ecuadorians are the nation’s greatest treasure: kind, warm-hearted, tranquil and generous.

As a volunteer in Ecuador with Iko Poran, you can choose a different mix of opportunities in a remote village inside the Ecuadorian cloud forest in the Andean mountains to the north of the country. Your work as a volunteer in Ecuador will help this unique rural community in order to develop their projects towards a sustainable future. During your stay, you will experience the amazing culture and learn Spanish.
All of this is complemented by a wide range of leisure activities.
Join us for the experience of your lifetime!!

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