Special Offer For Summer Volunteer Programs / Gap Year – Combine your time!


              At a glance:

  • Iko Poran wants you to be able to really make the most of your time away!

  • Special promotion for summer programs starting from June to September

  • Wide range of volunteer programs including medical experience, teaching, animal conservation, sports, the amazing Voluntour in Thailand and many other options to suit your plans

  • Sign up to volunteer in more than one destination before May 31st and only pay one registration fee!

  • Programs starting every week

  • Minimum duration of 3 weeks for a single destination;

  • Minimum duration of two weeks at each destination for double destination trips.



      Volunteer Abroad in one of our Summer Programs and GAIN EXPERIENCE!

Accomplish something amazing this summer, and improve your CV too. Whether you are on a summer break from studies or from life, volunteering or interning abroad can be at once a hugely fulfilling and fun personal experience as well as a chance to gain vocational experience which is often difficult to find at home. Any volunteering abroad program will boost your employability. We have summer programs and internships in medical and dental projects as well as teaching and childcare, among a range of other interesting opportunities. Note also that most of our projects are available all year round: check our full list here!


      Do something you’re proud of this summer, volunteer abroad with Iko Poran!

Beat the boredom and find a more memorable alternative to the binge beach holiday. Volunteering abroad is the best and most sustainable way to travel the world, interacting with and helping local people, gaining valuable personal experience and discovering new cultures. Use your time wisely and make a difference in the lives of less fortunate people, while gaining invaluable life perspective, lifelong friends and unforgettable memories.

We at Iko Poran have a wide range of summer programs and internships to suit your plans. We offer special deals on multiple destinations so you can really make the most of your summer holidays, and we can also make arrangements for group volunteer projects so you can even explore new cultures with your friends by your side.

So whether you are looking to discover something incredible, make a meaningful impact, or gain professional experience we are here to help you accomplish all three. Whether you are taking part in social projects that are capable of changing lives, in environmental and wildlife programs which help nurture our earth or you’re interning in a school or hospital; step out of your comfort zone this year and do our summer programs going to places you’d never expected.


      Summer Medical Experience & Gap Year

Iko Poran has medical and health promotion programs in Brazil, Thailand, Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania, and Peru. These programs represent a great opportunity to those considering or studying towards a career in a medical or healthcare field, as well as a fantastic chance for any trained professionals to share their knowledge of western treatments and experience another culture. You will gain valuable insight into the medical practices of different parts of the world and will be working alongside local professionals providing much-needed care to underprivileged communities worldwide.


       Intern in Thailand this summer working in a small community hospital situated in one of Thailand’s poorest provinces.

Volunteer Doctors in one of our Summer Programs in a pediatric clinic in Thailand

Volunteering in our Medical Program in Thailand you will be working in Surin in a local clinic helping take responsibility for maintaining the health and wellbeing of the local village community; approximately 7000 people, the majority of whom are from underprivileged backgrounds. Learn more about Medical Volunteering in Thailand…






       Volunteer in a Pediatric hospital in Nepal this summer and discover the most eminent health issues that developing countries face today.

Volunteer Doctor in one of our Summer Programs in a rural clinic in Nepal

Gain hands-on medical experience in Nepal living and working in a pediatric hospital in the historical Kathmandu city. You will learn a great deal while also doing really valuable work; having a positive impact on the local community and the development of the Nepalese healthcare system. Learn more about volunteering at the Pediatric Hospital in Nepal…






       Volunteer in Tanzania this summer working in a small dispensary helping bring modern medicine to a rural community.

Volunteer Health Program Tanzania

Intern in Africa this summer working in this small community clinic! You will get an insight into how vital health education coincides with traditional healing methods, helping with the fantastic work the project does in allowing people access to tests and treatment they previously did not know possible. Learn more about Medical volunteering in Tanzania…






       Intern in Peru this summer providing important medical care to those in need in disadvantaged areas of Peru!

Volunteer Doctor in one of our Summer Programs in Peru

Learn how underequipped medical centers cope when treating patients and with access to little resources. Lend a helping hand where it is most need and also get to witness the magnificence of the wonders of Peru. Learn more about medical volunteering in Peru…








       Volunteer in Uganda this summer assisting with the running of a local health clinic decreasing the prevalence of endemic diseases and improving village health.

Medical Volunteer in one of our Summer Programs in Uganda

Iko Poran’s Uganda Medical Placement encompasses a number of fields. Our priority health program areas include HIV/AIDS, adolescent sexual reproductive health, and community health (mitigation of malaria and other diseases). Learn more about medical volunteering in Uganda…








      Summer Teaching Experiences & Affordable Gap Year Programs

The summer break is a great opportunity for aspiring teachers and educators to get a go-to run the show! The differences in academic calendars mean that you can spend your summer gaining valuable classroom experience abroad. Iko Poran has an array of summer programs opportunities in many different countries in both teaching and childcare. Teach English to monks in Nepal or assist in a special school in Peru. To see the full list of options in all destinations go to; Teaching, Child Development, or Childcare & Orphanage.


      Do something INCREDIBLE!

We here at Iko Poran are proud of our great selection of international volunteer projects in a wide variety of fields. That said there are some programs that stand out as real jaw droppers. What better way to spend your summer than doing something truly amazing…

        Volunteer with Great White Sharks in South Africa this summer.

Volunteer in South Africa in our marine conservation project and play a vital role in helping to monitor and conserve one of the most incredible creatures of the marine world, the Great White. Learn more about Great White Shark Preservation in South Africa…






         Volunteer in Costa Rica in a grassroots sea turtle conservation project.

Saving sea turtles in this paradisiac community on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is a wonderful opportunity to help protect these endangered species. Accompany local guides on 4-hour night patrols searching for nesting sea turtles. Learn more about working with Sea Turtles in Costa Rica…







        Volunteer in a magnificent company caring for elephants in Thailand.

You will be helping with the feeding and socialization of these Asian giants. Discovering their gentle nature and befriending these amazing creatures is a truly unforgettable experience. Learn more about volunteering in Nepal on Elephant Care…











        Volunteer in South Africa and spend your summer saving Vervet monkeys.

At this special sanctuary, orphaned primates are given a loving home where they are rehabilitated and cared for until they can be released back into the wild. Come and help to ensure they are well fed, cared for and loved. Know more…










       Volunteer teaching underprivileged kids to surf in South Africa this summer.

You will first learn the art of surfing, along with the addictive and electrifying feeling that comes with riding a wave all the way into the shore; then you will be working will kids from the disadvantaged areas surrounding Muizenburg, teaching them how to surf. Learn more about the Surf Program in South Africa…











Volunteer in Thailand with Iko Poran on the unforgettable Voluntour experience!

We here at Iko Poran are passionate about volunteering and are dedicated to responsible, sustainable tourism; while we are also aware that you are here to have fun at the same time, explore more of the country, make friends and live some unforgettable experiences. That’s why we are offering you the opportunity to make the most out of your time abroad, giving you the best of both worlds in our summer programs.

The Volunteer experience takes in 4 destinations in Thailand in 4 weeks. Upon arrival, you will spend two nights in Bangkok exploring and taking in the lights of the city, followed by two weeks volunteer work at two different projects, and then your final two weeks will be spent relaxing and partying with friends on a paradise island.

For the first week, you will meet and work with the magnificent, gentle elephants living in the mahout village in Surin, immersing yourself in rural culture, taking part in centuries-old traditions. Then you will move on to Sangkhlaburi, working tirelessly and improving the lives of those less fortunate by providing much-needed help with vital construction projects.

Finally, you can take a well-earned break on the island of Koh Phangan, a world famous party destination with some of the most beautiful beaches you can imagine! Your final two weeks will be spent with sand between your toes, soaking up the rays by day, and fire shows, delicious cocktails and good friends by night

All transfers and accommodations are included.