The definitions of love have been updated: Michael Antônio at Doreen’s Crèche, South Africa

The sentence that I start my statement with is: “How I learned to rediscover love”. I made a promise that I

Michael Antonio with the children at Doreen
Michael Antonio with the children at Doreen

would come to Masiphumelele with open arms and an open heart.

Only one of my biggest fears was how this experience would move me and that I wouldn’t come back as the same person. So, after volunteering is over, I can guarantee that a part of my heart will always belong here. These kids are wonderful.

Thank you Masiphumelele and thank you Iko Poran for the opportunity, it was an incredible experience.

What was the most amazing thing you saw or did?

The true meaning of Ubuntu! Generosity, solidarity, compassion for the needy and a sincere desire for happiness and harmony among human beings. – Michael Antonio, 25 years old

How you can take part in the Doreen Crèche project in Cape Town as a volunteer educator

Visit our South Africa volunteer projects, and check out all the details of volunteer work with children at a daycare center in Cape Town.

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