Unforgettable Experience with Elephants in South Africa

Unforgettable Experience in South Africa - Camille with a leopardCamille Clauss Marietti from France enjoyed volunteering with elephants in South Africa:

This summer I had an unforgettable experience in South Africa. Thank you Iko Poran for this exceptional travel! Sure, I will do it again! – Camille Clauss Marietti

She has been working with wild cats and elephants at the Dawn Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary.


Want to be a volunteer with elephants in South Africa?

Visit the Wildlife Rehabilitation Project in South Africa here. There are plenty of opportunities for wildlife volunteering in South Africa, including a project to care for the Vervet Monkeys. This, year we have added a marine biology internship in Cape Town.

Finally, there are slao social volunteer projects in Cape Town. Find out everything about volunteering in South Africa.

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